Sunday, June 12, 2011

"It's the end of an era"

I experienced my very own "FRIENDS" moment this weekend. On Saturday night Chris, Natalie and I went to our friends house in Norman for a going away pool party. This was a usual thing we did with these friends when Chris and I lived in Norman (Not the going away part but the pool party).

These friends were really Chris' friends but they have become mine as well throughout our six years of knowing each other. Jeff Hill, Chris Calvert, Phil Clark and my Chris were great friends who met at Bethel Baptist Church in Norman in 2001. In 2006 when Chris and I got married I joined this little group and ever since then it has grown. Since then our little "Sitcom" has changed SO much. Obviously, Chris and I have had a baby and moved to Shawnee but each of their lives has changed as well. Jeff has found his soul mate, Wendy, and they have married and now have their own child, Patrick Daniel, who is just adorable (I felt a little bit of the "baby fever" again last night as I was holding him). Chris Calvert is taking up a new trade and hobby of welding, Phil has changed jobs and LOVES it and now Chris and I are moving to Houston. All of these events make it feel like the ending of some 1990's sitcom where everyone tears up and walks out of the apartment at the end of the episode.

I got teared up last night as we were saying our goodbyes and giving each other hugs. Although these were really Chris' friends, they became my friends as well and I am truly grateful for the friendship they have given to my husband. As we pulled out of the driveway last night, Chris said "I can say with much confidence, these were and will be the best friends I will ever have. God has blessed me so much through them". We both were crying (I was balling my eyes out). It was a VERY long drive home from Norman.

Jeff, Chris Calvert and Phil I would like to personally thank each of you and your respective families for your friendship to Chris and I. We love you and will NEVER forget you!

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