Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On May 27th Chris and I found out we would be moving to Houston for him to teach 9th Grade Algebra at Aldine 9th Grade Center in North Houston. This also happened to be my last day of school before the summer. We were supposed to be leaving town for a family reunion this same afternoon. We learned he would need to be finger printed and then come to Houston to sign his contract all before June 3rd. We had a great time at our family reunion and then made our way to Houston for him to sign his contract.

Friday came and went and he still had not signed his papers. We stayed through the weekend and then said we would leave on Monday afternoon if he had not heard anything at that point. Monday at noon he called and they said they had not got his results from his fingerprint yet. We began to load up and go. Then he got a call saying he needed to come and sign his contract at 4pm on Monday. Wow... this was so frustrating. We still need to go home and pack all of our house to get on the truck to move to Houston. While we were pulling out of the driveway to go and sign his papers, I get a call to come and interview for an awesome job. Of course we decide to wait another day to go home so I can go to my interview.

Today, as I was in this interview I get another call to have another interview tomorrow. I tried to delay it and come back next week or even "Skype" it over the Internet but NO Luck. So as of right now, we will not be coming home until Thursday. I had already set up a meeting with our realtor as well as several doctor's appointments to close us out in Oklahoma. This is crazy!!!

I guess this just goes to say: "If life gives you a dilemma, make some dilemonade" (LAME I know but so so so true!)

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  1. So sad that you all will be moving, but so amazing that Chris has a job! Yay! And how close is this to your family? If you need any help packing, call/e-mail/facebook me - seriously.