Saturday, June 4, 2011

On the Market for 1 week/ Songs of Faith Part 3- God is in Control

Kellie Job Hunt Update:

Well... it has been A WHILE since Kellie has been on the market. I have been settled for so long that I practically forgot how to be "on the market". Today while still in Houston waiting for Chris to sign his papers I went to a teacher job fair. It was for a charter school in the Houston metro area. I got there about 30-45 minutes before it "officially" started and found that me and EVERY other teacher known to man was at this job fair. So I checked in and then wandered down the hallways of this Regional Education Center to find the end of the line. I waited in this line to get into the interview room for nearly an hour. After finally getting to the interview room, I found the "Specials" table as they call it here in Texas (Music, PE, Art and Languages other than English- LOTE). There I saw about 10 other people waiting to speak to representatives from this school. I took up a chair and sat down. There I sat for another 2 hours before the interviewers said "We are going to take a quick 5 minute break". Ahh!!!!! I was so frustrated. Finally, after 2 1/2 hours in the interview room waiting to talk to someone, I made it to the table. I sat down and did the whole interview process and then at the end they said "Wow... that all sounds great but we don't have band at all and only a hand full of music classes and they are all full and are no openings." Seriously... Wow! I didn't even know what to say! I shook each of their hands and then walked to my car to make the long 50+ minute commute back to my house. I have already decided, I don't like having to look for a job! I just pray that God will provide for me the perfect job in his timing (Of course that final phrase is what is going to kill me! I have NEVER been good with patience. Remember carrying that baby 43 weeks!!!!!)

This brings me to my Songs of Faith Part 3: God is in Control

I also use this song as a worship to God each morning and evening in my quiet time and as I practice my saxophone. When I was in high school and I would practice for All-State I would each of my practice sessions with this song. I would also play the verse and the chorus and then hold my small little silver cross and say a prayer asking the Lord to help calm my nerves and help me know HE was in control... no matter what. I ponder upon these words today as I reflect on my day today. He is in Control and will provide.


God is in Control

We believe that His children will not be forsaken

God is in Control

We will choose to remember and never be shaken

There is no power above or behind him we know

Oh, God is in Control

He has never let you down

Why start to worry now

He is still the Lord of everything

He is still the loving Father

Watching over you and me

God is in Control. He is today and will be tomorrow. I have Faith that he will take care of me. Why start to worry now? Again, what an amazing testimony of Faith. I just hope and pray my life will be this testimony.

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