Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Vacation #1- Day #1

Once Chris and I both got a job down here in Houston we decided we deserved a vacation from the 22 long months of searching for a job and the pain and patience it took from us. We were envisioning a vacation just the two of us, but fortunately shortly after Chris and I got jobs our current babysitter, my sister Allison, got a job as well. This was awesome since all three of us got jobs around the same time. However, this meant that the relaxing and otherwise "mommy and daddy only" vacation turned into a family vacation. This was fine because I traveled ALOT when I was young and I want to raise my family the same way. So Chris and I decided to go to San Antonio in July. Chris had never been and it is a really great family destination.
Our trip began at the San Antonio Zoo. This is the nations 3rd largest zoo (Which I did not know and I was highly impressed with). The zoo itself is laid out VERY well and really allows you to get the feeling of being in the jungle or African Safari or whatever the case may be for each animal exhibit. We were able to see a Hippo feeding which was amazing and Natalie loved it. We were also able to go up into a tree house to look out on the African Forest and see the cheetahs and rhinos and other animals! That was really cool as well. It was about 104 that day and Natalie was a little hot and tired from the drive in from Houston so she became very fussy and about 1 1/2 hours into the zoo she feel asleep. I have been to alot of zoos and I would put this one in my "Top 10" at least. It was very great experience and I would recommend it.
After that we went to the famous Mexican Restaurant and bakery "Mi Tierra" at the Market Square in San Antonio. This is a very well known restaurant and when I was in the All-State band my band directors brought me here each year and I have LOVED it ever since. This was a unique experience for Natalie since a Mariachi band came and sang for her. She loved it and sat there and played her "Air guitar" with them. Chris was able to try GOAT which I guess was pretty good... (I didn't try it obviously :) )
When we got back to the hotel we all settled down and begin the night time process. This involved the usual bath and milk and stories and songs and what-not. Natalie was doing great and seemed ready to go to bed. Yeah... that was NOT happening. She did not like the pack and play and the weird room we were in. We found a suite downtown and it had a separate room which we thought would be great... it backfired and all 3 of us ended up sleeping on the King bed. Well... Natalie slept on the bed. Chris was getting kicked in the back all night and Natalie just wanted me to snuggle with her all night. Anytime I tried to take our arm out from around her... she would cry and say "Mommy No". It was a very long night...
And the next day... Ha, there is more to come! And that was Day #1!

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