Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Vacation #1- Day #2

So it is Wednesday morning and we are all a little wore out and tired. Well... Chris and I are! Natalie slept just fine and is not tired at all. Chris did not go to sleep til about 6 and that is when Natalie woke me up so her and I went to the store to get some supplies we forgot. When we returned we all ate breakfast and then headed to the Alamo.
We got to the Alamo around 10:30 and it was already hot. It was about 98 at the time and it seemed much hotter. Natalie began the adventure just fine and was not cranky or fussy at all. We went all the way through the "Long Barrak" fine and she wanted to do just what we did and would stop at the signs we were reading and go "Hmm" just like Mommy and Daddy did. Shortly after the tour through the "Long Barrak" we went and attempted to listen to a tour guide give a depiction of the Battle at the Alamo. Natalie did not want to sit and listen so she decided to go up to the signs nearby and give her own tour. She would walk around the signs just babbling to herself and even other kids too. Finally we decided to go inside to get out of the heat but she did not want to go with us. She began a fit and oddly enough only mommy could fix it. (She is usually a "daddy's girl during fits" but not today. We ended up leaving the Alamo a littler earlier than expected and with a screaming toddler on my shoulder!
Since she was throwing such a HUGE fit we thought she was hot and went across the street to the Rivercenter Mall since it would be air conditioning. We went to the indoor playground and she was able to run around freely and play. This was great for us too because by this time it was about 104 and a heat index of 110 with high humidity. As crazy as it sounds after that sentence... we then decided to go on a river cruise along the San Antonio river!
The last time I went on this river cruise was when I was in the OU Women;s Basketball band at the Final Four. The band got on one of these boats and played Boomer Sooner and other OU songs while going down the river. The fans from the other schools "boo"ed us and even threw food at us. I had pasta in my saxophone at the end of that boat ride. This ride was a little different but the same frustration at the end of the ride!! Again, it was very hot outside and we were all tired and sweaty. Natalie loved the boat at first but then as the shade left us and we were all packed into the boat like cattle, that fascination began to dim away. She dropped her juice all over and kicked the stupid Florida Gator fans next to us so many times they told me to pick her up so she would stop. I was not thrilled with them but I held my tongue and picked her up. Our tour guide was very insightful but this time I just wanted a short cruise with little commentary. Needlesstosay, we were all glad when we returned to port.
After that, we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe which Chris and I always go to while on vacation. This began when we were on our Honeymoon in London. I had been to a few Hard Rock Cafe's in my life but NONE like the one in London. Then when Chris and I went to Washington DC we went there again so it has been like a tradition for us and I hope we will continue to do this on family vacation wherever possible.
After that we decided to the Tower of the Americas. This was really cool because EVERY time I came to San Antonio for Band or TMEA I always wanted to go there but never did. Towers and tall building is also something my family did on vacations so I felt like I was passing in on to Natalie Grace. She loved the Elevator ride to the top and she also loved running around the observation deck outside. Again, this fascination was shortly lived. She began to get really tired and fussy and the observation deck time was over. We made our way back down to ground level and went to the "Skies Over Texas" 4D movie. This was really cool since I have never been to a 4D movie. Again, Natalie was not impressed and basically tried to get out of the room the whole time. It was basically a 3D movie with chairs that move and even smells that fragrance out to you and things that poke you on your chair. It was very neat.
We made it back to our hotel around 5 pm with a toddler who fell asleep in the car only to find that our room had not been cleaned yet and the maid woke Natalie up with a knock on the door. Suddenly this toddler who was crying her eyes out not 30 minutes before was the world's happiest baby ever. We decided to go to a "Diner's Drive-ins and Dive" called Tip Top Cafe. It turned out to very good and we all enjoyed it. Natalie literally picked up her Mac and Cheese and drank it. It was not her "daintiest" moment... trust me!
We ended the night the same way as the previous night... with ALL THREE of us in the King bed. As tired as I was from the previous night and the LONG LONG day of fussiness and fits, I just cuddled my little baby all night. I don't think I slept but 1-2 hours. I kept laying there thinking "Wow, she is growing up fast" and "I better treasure these moments". There were lots of tears that night. It is hard to believe she is almost 2! It is crazy how time flies!

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