Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Vacation #1-Day #3

After the long, hard first two days (and nights), Chris and I decided we were in over our heads and decided that maybe just 2 nights would suffice. We went ahead and check out of the hotel on Thursday in order to come home after a day of sight-seeing. Since Natalie had been throwing such fits and tantrums the previous day, we thought we would find a place "just for her". We found this place called the "Kiddie Park" which is literally a Children Under 8 Amusement park. We got there and it seemed just right. We decided to get her an All-Day Ride Pass so she could ride as often as she likes. This turned out to be a good thing since she LOVED riding the carousel and the other rides too.
This park had a large Carousel that was built to travel from County Fair to County Fair. Natalie loved the "horsies" and wanted to ride it non-stop. We encouraged her to ride others. They had a small airplane ride that was like swings at other amusement parks but it was just planes instead. These planes had guns on them and we tried to show Natalie the guns and she would often watch the boys on the planes in front of her shoot but she never did (That is OK with me...trust me!) She rode these airplanes about 5 times and loved every time.
She also enjoyed riding the cars at this park. They were set up to go round and round and she was able to honk her horn and wave at us while she went by. She rode this ride 4 times and finally on the last time she chose the pink John Deer tractor to ride.
She also rode the Mini School Bus ride several times. This was a small school bus that the park had made just for kids and went around small railroad type of track in a circle. Every time she rode it, she was the only one and was able to sit wherever she wanted. I think she really liked the privacy and being able to choose her own seat. She would run all over the park and say "Bus please, Bus please". She loved that ride. I think she rode this one about 6 times.
The boats have a very funny story to tell. On about her 3rd ride on the boats, she was put in the same boat as another small toddler boy. She was in the front of the boat and he was in the back. She kept turning around to show him how to steer with the steering wheel. He was very kind and didn't say anything back to her. She would say "Hello, wanna ride?". It was so cute and adorable but she definitely wanted to be captain of that boat and show him how it was done.
Between these rides she rode the flying saucers, the carousel and the Ferris wheel but like her Poppi, she didn't like the Ferris wheel and only rode it once. We also played some skeet-ball in the arcade. Overall, this was a FANTASTIC place and next time we go to San Antonio, we will start off each day at this park! Great times!
After the "Kiddie Park" we went to the San Antonio Children's Museum. This was downtown near the Alamo. This place seemed to have it all. They had a Ball Factory towards the front that had lots of little balls like you would find in McDonald's and you could place them inside this maze and watch them go everywhere. Natalie basically just liked throwing them around on the floor. They also had a small jet plane that kids could pretend ride in and be the captain. Natalie really liked holding on to that steering wheel!!!! She was able to explore a large version of a doggie house and climb through a doggie door. She also was able to milk a cow... That was so cool because I have never milked a cow either so that was awesome to me too.
I think the coolest thing in this museum was the HEB Kid Market. This was a very small market set up just like a grocery store. Kids were able to kid small carts and fill them with whatever they wanted. They had produce scales to weigh the plastic fruits and vegetables and even scanners to check-out with. This was very high tech and Chris and I were impressed. Chris and I both thought "Where was this when I was this age?" We loved it and would recommend it to anyone who has children and is visiting San Antonio.
After the children's museum, we left San Antonio for Conroe. On our way out of town we drove by the new Grand Hyatt Hotel near the convention center and saw a large strike by its workers. There were cops everywhere and it was crazy! I had never seen anything liek this live so we took some pictures!We also drove by the AT&T Center to see where the Spurs play. It happened to be 2 days before the WMBA All-Star Game so we got out of there pretty quick if you know what I mean.
Overall, it was a GREAT family vacation and I cannot wait to blog about Family Vacation #2!

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