Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Davis Family Christmas Traditions

During the Christmas weekend with Chris' family, I was able to recall the traditions me and my family shared during the Christmas holidays as well as listen to the traditions of my in-laws. This led me to start thinking about the traditions I was to create with my family. What better time to start these traditions than now! I have thought of a few that I would like to do with my kids and I hope to begin these Christmas 2012.

The Davis Family Christmas Tradition #1

Happy Birthday Jesus
I actually started this tradition during Christmas 2010. I would like to always be able to take time on Christmas day to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus' birth. I think especially with young children, what better way to celebrate this than with a cupcake/ cake for Jesus. In 2010 we used a small cupcake and lit 1 candle in the middle of it. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and then Natalie ate a little of the cupcake. In 2011 this tradition became even more special since Natalie and I had been practicing "Happy Birthday" during our singing time in the bathtub and Natalie was able to sing along with us. While I was video-taping this event, a little tear rolled down my cheek as I saw my little girl grow up. After the singing, Natalie blew out the candle by herself and then licked all of the icing off of the cupcake (She didn't really want the cake part but just the icing... I guess she really is MY kid!) Uncle John brought to my attention about needing 2 or 3 cupcakes in the near future so I think I will start using a cake when that time comes! (Thanks for the heads-up though John!)

The Davis Family Christmas Tradition #2
The Reading of the Christmas Story and prayer
I am sure this was a tradition of alot of Christian families but I want to keep this in my family. I have found a small kids book with the Christmas Story in it and I plan on using it in addition to the Bible when my children are of reading age. This past year my dad also gave Natalie a recordable story-book featuring the "True Meaning of Christmas" in which he reads the story to her. I hope this will continue to mechanically work for the next 20 years too! I love that. I hope to be able to pray with my kids and have them pray as well after we read the story of the birth of Jesus. I read from the Gospel of Luke to Natalie on Christmas night when I put her to bed and then the Story-book from Poppy as well so this tradition was started in 2011.

The Davis Family Christmas Tradition #3
Christmas Crafts
Even though I am NOT the art teacher and I am NOT very crafty... I would like to start making a small craft with my kids on Christmas Eve. This would include but not limited to: creating a Reindeer or Nativity Scene on a plate or some other craft supply or creating an ornament for the Christmas tree. I had hoped to start this tradition this year but it will just have to wait until 2012.

The Davis Family Christmas Tradition #4
Christmas Eve PJs
Again, another tradition I am sure LOTS of families do. I never really did this with my family but since we were almost always traveling to the Grandparents house on the 23rd or so, it was not very feasible. I would like to be able to dress my kiddos in matching PJs on Christmas Eve and then have them wake up on Christmas morning to open their gifts together! I would also like for Chris and I to wear PJs during this process. I think with the newest addition to our family in 2012, we should be able to pull this one off next year!

Overall, I wish to be able to have traditions that will bring to my kids attention the true meaning of Christmas: The birth of Jesus Christ. This year on our Christmas card we wrote:
"We are keeping CHRIST in "Christmas" and we hope you do too"
I want this to be my family's Christmas motto and I hope I can instill this into my children at a very young age.

Merry Christmas to all and until next year...

God is GOOD... ALL the time!

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