Thursday, December 29, 2011

"You Gotta Be a BIG Girl"

So lately I have been trying to help Natalie get ready for this life changing event that is coming her way in less than 6 months by trying to get her to "be a BIG girl" Of course, she has NO IDEA was is going to happen when Davis #2 pops into her world. She has been acting like a mommy and playing with her babies for a while now and thanks to my mom and dad she now has a stroller and pack-n-play/bed for her babies as well. She loves holding and rocking them and she was constantly come up to Chris and I and "Shhhh" us and say "Elmo is sleeping" or she will run down the hall and yell "Oh no, Elmo crying". I guess it is just natural instincts for little girls to play with dolls and play "mommy" with their babies.

We have been telling Natalie about her brother/sister and she will kiss the baby every night when she goes to bed. She has also learned the boy and girl names we have chosen and she will ask "Where is ______" occasionally. She will also say "I love you baby" as she goes to sleep. It is really sweet.

As mentioned above, in my preparations to get her ready to be a BIG SISTER and Big Girl... I have been talking to her more like a little human and not a toddler. We have transferred her over to a twin sized bed in preparation for the baby needing the crib and she seems to like it. The past few night she has been a little scared of her bed for some reason. Tonight, for example, she asked to go to sleep and then when she got in her bed she got scared and began to whine. Chris tried to get her to go down but she would not even lay down. I took over and went in there and talked to her about being a big girl and getting ready to be a big sister. "Natalie, a big girl and a big sissy cannot cry in their bed or then the baby will cry too. You have to be a big girl and you cannot cry." She said "Ok Mommy. No cry" I then told her that we were supposed to go to the Houston Zoo tomorrow and we will only take her if she is a Big Girl. Her response was "Yeah... Natalie a big girl now." She curled up with her 18 stuffed animals (No kidding) and layed her head on her pillow. She closed her eyes and said "Go night mommy. I wake up then milk and the Zoo!!" (I love how she just HAD to get that glass of milk in BEFORE the zoo!) I kissed her and then left. She has been quite and not made a noise since then!

Now if this would only work with potty-training!!!!!!!
(Side note- Please pray for me on this front. She is ready but practically afraid of the toilet)

I love my Big Girl and Big Sister! I think with a few more months, she will be ready! As always...

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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