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Fun in the Sun 2013- Sea Day #2

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
A "Taste of the Town" Conquest Style 
After a long and busy day on the ship yesterday, today we decided to take easy and just enjoy each other. We also decided that we would focus on the FOOD today! We planned out a long day of relaxation and eating... It may sound gross but in all reality we didn't each much quantity but rather focused on the quality of the food. Lots of small portions and no LARGE portions!
We began our morning with delicious breakfast tacos and burritos from Blue Iguana Cantina. This was a recent addition to The Conquest during the Fun Ship 2.0 upgrade in October of 2012. These were by far the best burritos and tacos I have ever had for breakfast!
This was a GREAT addition to the boat... I LOVED it!

The Breakfast Tacos were killer!

Custom made Breakfast Burrito

After we finished this early 7am morning breakfast we decided to go to the pool and hot tub area again. Being this early in the morning there were not many kids up and awake so we were able to get in the Mid-Ship hot tub over looking the Carnival Seaside Theater! We sipped some Mimosas and stayed in the hot tub for about 2 hours but luckily we never got sun burnt.

 Our view of Seaside Theater from the Hot Tub...
A view of the Pool and Hot Tub area from the highest point on the ship!

We noticed as we were cleaning up and drying off from the hot tub in our room that we were passing by land! Chris looked at the "Notes from the Bridge" section of the Carnival News TV and saw we were passing by Cancun, Mexico. This was really cool because I went there for my Senior Trip in HS. It was beautiful!
It was hard to capture with my camera but you can tell it was not only land
but a TOURIST hot spot

After a few snap shots, I could tell it was Cancun!

 Absolutely gorgeous!
"Hey Look Honey, its Mexico!"

We then went to the Punchliner Comedy Brunch for an early lunch. It was here that we tried out the lunch portion of their menu, whereas yesterday we ate off the breakfast side of the menu. We were able to hear another comedian and we enjoy these lame 5 minute jokes. 

Bacon Mac n' Cheese from the Punchliner Brunch!
This was followed by a brief stay in the casino before we went down to the main lobby for some 60s Music Trivia. Unlike the general "Name that Tune" from the 1st night, we were not so good at this trivia but it was still fun!
It was now time for a classic game of The Newly Wed Show called "The Game of Love" hosted by the cruise director. We had hoped to be able to get to play and be chosen to go on stage but the couples were chosen by time spent married. They chose the longest married couple which turned out to be 56 years (A major accomplishment these days) and then a couple who had been married the shortest amount of time which oddly enough was 2 days as this particular couple got married ON THE SHIP on Sunday! We also found out that there were 38 couples celebrating their honeymoon on our cruise (Seems like a lot to me... they weren't all there during the show, naturally)! Then the Cruise Director wanted a middle couple who had been married 20-35 years. Unfortunately, Chris and I having only been married 7 years were not chosen but we decided the middle couple should fall in the 10-25 year span! We did play and follow along and I think we did very well! I loved being able to recall and relive precious moments from the past 7 years with my honey! I love you, Chris Davis!
Enough of that... It was time to eat again. We made our way to the Lido Deck for a burger from the new Guy's Burger Joint by Guy Fieri. These were some of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten and the fries were cooked and seasoned perfectly. We also made a trip to the lunch buffet to try out items together. Once again, the buffet was a miss for me but Guy's was AWESOME!
If you are looking for a GREAT burger... Look no further!

I love that every crew member on board LOVED their job! It made for an AWESOME week!
"The PIG" burger made with a 2nd patty completely made of BACON!

We then went back to our room to get ready for the evening and Casual Pictures. These are some of my favorite pictures to take since they are able capture our true personalities! Chris hated having to take these pictures but I really appreciate him taking them with me!

Casual Cruise Pictures...

Casual Cruise Pictures...
Dinner was another incredible meal and we were able to then go to another PLAYLIST PRODUCTIONS performance of "The BRITS" which focused on the music of The British Invasion. This was awesome music and even better digital and technical effects. This was a show that I would actually pay $100-$150 to see in Las Vegas and I was impressed it was able to be pulled off by a Cruise Ship cast! It was GREAT!
We concluded the evening in the Casino where I was up $120 and Chris was down by about as much so we decided to quit and go play along with the Cruise Director for 80s Music Trivia. This was a blast because Chris and I both LOVE the 80s and its music. In fact, I was 26/29 in this trivia and I was happy with that score. I will say that the songs included in this trivia were more 80s POP and less REAL 80s but there is a discussion to be had on this topic... WATCH FOR THIS BLOG SOON!
It was a wonderful day of Rest, Relaxation and EATING! We practically tried out everything on this ship at this point of the trip and I must say, IT HAS BEEN DELICIOUS! Tomorrow will be our 1st port of call; Mahogany Bay, Roatan Island, Honduras! It is going to be awesome! Thank You, Lord once again!
God is Good... ALL the time!

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