Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Best Summer Yet

Saturday, August 24, 2013
But the BEST is yet to come...

It is hard to imagine that this time last year I was still adjusting to a newborn and having 2 kids. The summer of 2012 was a life-changing 2 months as Chris and I had just had Baby Luke and welcomed him into our family!

The summer of 2012 was uneventful, besides the obvious, and we did not do much. Most of our days were spent inside hugging and loving on our newly born baby boy! On occasion we would go to the water-park or take a drive to get a "Treat" at Dairy Queen but most days and nights were spent indoors with our family. (This does remind me how HOT it has been this year, though) I remember thinking "Wow, we didn't even really HAVE a summer".

This thought was at the front of my mind as we came into the summer of 2013 and I wanted to make up for "lost time". Looking back on my summer, I definitely made up for the summer of 2012 and THEN SOME!

During this summer my family and I did SO much but these were my favorites:
Taking my kids to see their GREAT-Grandparents and extended family in Kansas
Wished Chris a Happy 3rd Father's Day
Had a "Girls Night" with a bunch of friends and "Painting with a Twist"

Got a new Grill

Got new playground equipment for the kids(Thanks to my Uncle OD and his generousness)
Went to the Houston Zoo 3 separate times

Went to 2 Astros Games
Went to Galveston Beach with my parents and Cousin Curtis and his family

Met up with my College Roommate, Jessica, and her family in Galveston and had dinner too

Went to the Conroe Rec Center Waterpark about 10-12 times
"Dedicated" ourselves and Baby Luke to The Lord 2 times (Mims Baptist Church- Conroe and Arp Emmanuel Baptist Church- Arp)

We went to Tyler to visit my parents
We went to Dallas to visit my sister and SIL

Had 4 Thirty-One Parties (Way more than I expected... I am so proud of myself)

Ate at 2 "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" around Houston

Chris and I went on a cruise to The Western Caribbean and visited Baton Rouge and New Orleans


We did all of this and we still got plenty of rest and relaxation. It was great to be able to run around and spend time with and friends. Mr. Luke turned 1 in June and he has been running around like he is 3 this whole summer. I know he wants to be able to get up and play with Natalie. This makes me wonder how he will be NEXT summer.

This reminds me of a story I heard in Sunday School once about the BEST IS YET TO COME! Even when looking back at all of the AMAZING things we were able to do this year, I am reminded that it will only get better as the years go by! In the summer of 2014 we will have a 2 year old and near 5 year old... OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I cannot wait! Just 187 school days... HAHA just kidding (Kinda!)

This is one of the joys of being a TEACHER and I am so grateful for MY SUMMERS!

God is good... ALL THE TIME!

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