Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This Ain't my first rodeo... Wait it is.

Kellie Davis- Fine Arts Teacher 

I never imagined this title to be behind my name in the education world but here I sit and this is my title. I knew going into this position that Art would be involved but I had no idea to this degree and level. I have had to teach art once a 6-weeks period as well as teach, direct and organize the Rodeo Art Show Competition for my campus to compete in the District and State contests. This is ON TOP of my regular music duties, after school practices with honor choir and other groups too! Again, I had no idea it was going to be this involved. Nor did I realize I would have to come up with lessons and artwork for the kids to draw. 

However, you live and you learn and I have learned A LOT this year! It IS my first rodeo and I have learned so much this year that I feel like I could tackle ANYTHING next year! 

Basically the Rodeo Art Show is an opportunity for K-12 graders to create an ORIGINAL piece of artwork that depicts Texas wildlife, farm, rodeo and other themed creations. Most of my students used a visual picture and the re-created this in their own way to create beautiful pieces of art! 

It was incredibly stressful and I made SEVERAL mistakes BUT in the long run they all turned out GREAT! I am very proud of my kiddos... And myself! 

Scoring Guidelines 
Blue Ribbon- 1st Place 
Red Ribbon- 2nd Place
White- 3rd Place 

I did not include all of my winners but my favorite few! Again, I am very proud of ALL of my kids! 
A blue Ribbon winner from 5th Grade. 

White Ribbon from 5th Grade 

Red Ribbon winner from 1st Grade 
(Crazy thing about this one is I taught her how to draw this... Kinda weird, I have NO art talent at all) 

Red Ribbon winner from 5th Grade 

White Ribbon Winner from 5th Grade 

I learned a lot and I know next year will be EVEN better! And next year I can honestly say "This AIN'T my FIRST RODEO". 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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