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Stitch Fix #2 Review

Stitch Fix #2 Review
March 2015

Fix #1 had come and gone, all of it, and I was ready to see what fix #2 would hold. I got the box and seemed to be even more excited this time to open the box and see what my awesome stylist had chosen for me. I find this whole system to be fascinating and uplifting honestly. There is someone that has never seen me a day in their life but observes what I like from social media and especially Pinterest and then chooses styles and outfits for me. To be honest, she has been SPOT ON with each and every fix.

Royal Tank Top ($34)
This was a lovely tank top featuring American colors and a great fit but I just wasn’t in love with it. It also would have needed a racer back style of bra in order to not look trashy with the bra strap showing (as you can plainly see from the picture) so I decided to send it back.

I did like this tank but the cost and fit I was not crazy about! 

White/ Black Lace Tank Tunic ($48)
This was a perfect tank top for roaming around a cruise ship and a regular spring day in the great city of Houston. My husband and I both liked it a lot and I kept it without even thinking twice. To this day, I wear it frequently. Even in the Fall/ Winter, I can throw a cardigan over it and it still look fresh and simple. The style and fit are exactly what I like. I kept it!
I LOVE this shirt! 

Black Ankle Pants ($78) 
These pants fit well, especially with my recent weight loss, but they still just made me feel like I was in tight pants. Chris and even my mom and sister said they did not look tight but I felt like they were tight. Also, they were at the weird stage of “too short pants” or “too long capris” and I was not comfortable with that. I sent them back.
Too Tight... I sent them back! 

Navy/ Cream Long Sleeve Dress ($68)
I fell in love with this dress and style almost immediately upon putting it on. The longer sleeves made it wearable into the early spring months and in fall/ winter. It was at a perfect length, just above the knees, which was perfect for me. I also found the pockets to be a great accessory. I may not have chosen this style for myself which made me love this process even more. I did keep this piece and wore it the following week on my Bahamas Cruise. I have worn it several times since then and each time I get multiple compliments on it! This was a perfect addition to my closet. I kept it and love it!

I love this dress so much! So comfy and even has pockets! 

Blue Sailor Dress ($64) 
This dress was very cute on the hanger and once I put it on I did feel beautiful in it. The price tag was just perfect for a dress and as my stylist said “It would be perfect to wear to dinner on my cruise”. However, it was a little too short for my comfort, even with my weight loss. My knees have ALWAYS been my worst part of my body and I am very unsure and not confident with them. To this day I have running and jogging for the sole reason of getting rid of my FAT knees. It is slowly but surely working. I sent this one back but honestly, I now wish I would have kept it!   
Looking back... I wish I would have kept this! 

Fix #2 proved to be much better than #1 and I was close to keep it all and getting that 25% discount. I really liked the styles of each of these pieces and each of them looked good on. I am now “Sold” on this whole process and have scheduled a 3rd Fix for late May. I cannot wait to see what comes in my box! 

Fix me up! 

God is good...ALL the time! 

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