Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #4 Review

Stitch Fix #4 
September 2015

This fix came just in time for me to get ready for the 2015-2016 school year. I was not able to do a lot of shopping over the summer for whatever reason and I had not gotten a lot of “teacher” clothes this year so I was ready for this box to arrive. This box had some AMAZING pieces in it and I liked all of them but once again the price tag for most of them was just too high.

Black Top ($48) 
This was a basic black top but dressed up a bit with burnout style sleeves and a longer short sleeve style. It fit very well and I was in need for a simple black top to wear with skirts and pants. This was an automatic keep!
I love this simple yet classy black top! I much needed item in my closet right now! 

Black Ankle Pants ($76) 
These pants were made of a very comfortable cotton material and were a wide leg fashion like I requested in my note to my stylist. Once again, the short person struggle became apparent as I was not sure if they were capri pants or actual pants. I tried them on several times and I felt like I would not be able to wear heels or any type of raised shoe with them in fear of looking like I had high waters on them. And even with sandals they just fell at a weird location. I did ask my stylist for a “petite” length this time and this was a disappointment because in this particular pair of pants I need them to be longer. This was my 1st true frustration with the service as I really liked the pants. I sent them back!
It is hard to tell but look closely on the right leg (left screen) and you can see the pants are a little short! Maybe they were supposed to be capris but on me they just looked like high-waters! This was so very frustrating! 

Jade Open Cardigan ($54)
This cardigan was open and had a cap like feel to it. Even looking at it on the hanger before trying it on I knew it would be too big and look sloppy. I realize this style is very “in” right now but I just felt like I was wearing a moo-moo. I think if I would have tried it on with a large black belt I would have felt more comfortable. My stylist sent a matching 3 layer necklace as well and the entire ensemble (Pants, black shirt and cardigan/ necklace) would have been a fantastic buy but this piece in particular I was just not sold on it. I sent pictures to great friends who told me that I honestly looked larger than I am. I made a note to my stylist about maybe exchanging for a smaller size (She sent a medium) since it was a draped open cardigan. I like this look but I just felt larger than life, and not in a good way. I sent it back! 
So on the hanger it looks cute and not too big but as I wore it I felt like I had gained the 80 pounds I had lost back! I felt like it looks sloppy! 

3 Layer Jade Necklace ($38)
This necklace was very beautiful but I felt like it would only go with the cardigan they sent me. I looked through my closet and just didn’t see anything that it matched. I think if it was all silver or all black I would have gotten it because I liked the longer length and 3 layers but the jade color made it difficult to match. I sent it back.

The whole outfit with the matching Jade necklace... Cute Cute but not as versatile as I would have liked a jewelry piece to be!

Black and White Maxi ($68)
I liked this dress from the very beginning. It was exactly what I had requested on my Pinterest boards. I really liked the design and print of this dress and it was very versatile but I was not a fan of the fit. It fell right at the stomach line with an elastic band and this just made me feel pregnant! My husband, and fashion friend Jodi, say it did not make me look pregnant but I felt that way so I knew it wasn't for me. I sent it back! 

I did like this dress but just not enough to spend nearly $70! 

Fix #4 was heading in the right direction but I was not able to pull the trigger on all of the items with the high priced items and small discrepancies. I am hoping my 5th Fix coming in October will improve. 

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? Click on the link below to get started today! 

Fix me up! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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