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Stitch Fix #3 Review

Stitch Fix #3 Review 
May 2015

I am now hooked on this awesome service of having my own personal shopper and stylist. My 2nd fix in February was PERFECT and I loved every piece. In fact, I nearly kept all 5 pieces but sent 2 back because I just wasn’t ready to make “that” type of statement. See that blog HERE. This was fix #3 and I was ready for yet another cruise! Those of you that know me, know that cruising is MY THING and Chris and I are completely hooked. This time I asked my stylist for summer maxi dresses and specific pieces I could wear on the ship and at the beach. I was anxious to open my box and see what I got.

Cream Lace Top ($45) 
This was an awesome piece and both Chris and I liked but I just felt like I would only really wear it on the cruise ship. It was dressy and nice but I just felt like I was going “clubbing” and that is fine and dandy on the ship but not necessarily my everyday style. I sent it back after a LONG debate. Once again, looking back I wish I would have kept it! I sent it back!
I really liked this shirt but it just seemed out of my league. 

Could I pull this off? 

Olive Capris from Kut from the Kloth ($78) 
These capris were great and casual for not just wearing on the ship but for everyday life as well. However, I was not crazy about the color and despite the tops they sent me matching I assumed it would be hard to match these pants. I just kept picturing a black top every time I tried to piece together and outfit in my head. The most important reason that I sent these back was because I thought they were priced too high ($78) for common everyday khaki style capri pants. I can buy these at Kohl’s or Macy’s for $35-40 and still have money to spare to buy a shirt before reaching the $78 price tag. I sent them back because the price was too high.
They fit pretty well but the color and price tag combo made these capris hard to swallow! 

Animal Print Cross Tank ($40)
This was an AMAZING top and fit like a glove. It was a cross-body style which was nice because even with my “Less than endowed” top half, I was able to have a perfect fit. This was a summer top that I could wear on the ship, the rest of the summer and even put a cardigan over it for the fall and winter. I loved this top and wore it not only on the ship but also several times throughout the summer. I kept this top and love the style and fit!
I love this shirt! It can be wore in the dead heat of summer and layered in the winter! 

Very versatile. 

Grey Chevron Maxi ($74)
This maxi also fit like glove and really accentuated my weight loss and was incredibly comfortable. I really liked the style of the top half of the dress and it highlighted the neckline very well. It was a little long but it gave me an excuse to get new shoes to wear with it. I ended up wearing this dress as one of my formal dresses on our summer cruise. I love this dress and I ended up keeping it!
I LOVED this dress. The fit and style were absolutely perfect! 

I wore it on my cruise and LOVED it!

Silver Medallion Necklace ($34)
This was a beautiful necklace and I loved how it could be used casually or to dress up an outfit. I went back and forth about this one but in the end I kept it but ending up giving it to my mom. I now wish I would have kept it for myself. You cannot go wrong with a pretty silver necklace… they pretty much go with anything. I kept this piece of jewelry!

This fix was a great one and I enjoyed each of the pieces. The capri pants and the lace top were the only 2 things I sent back and that was because of price tag (pants) and the amount of confidence it would have taken to wear them (Lace top). I could have very well kept them all and got the 25% discount which would have practically paid for one of the items. My stylist is doing a FANTASTIC job at picking out styles for me and once again, I am completely satisfied with my fix! I scheduled Fix #4 for September and I hope to get “teacher wardrobe” pieces. We will see what September and Fix #4 hold! 

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