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Stitch Fix #1 Review

Stitch Fix #1 Review 
January 2015 

I saw a friend of mine, Elisa, from college keep posting about this amazing service that SHOPS FOR YOU! I love to shop so at first I was like “Oh, I can do my own shopping. I do not need anyone’s help”. But then she kept posting SUPER cute stuff! I kept looking at her outfits and thinking “Wow, those are cute. I have not seen that style in Macy’s/ Dillard’s or the mall (The stores I frequent). I may just have to try it”. I did just that and signed up for my 1st fix in January of this year. I got my 1st box and I was SO EXCITED I could hardly contain myself. 

My 1st Stitch Fix! I cannot wait to see what is inside this box! 

I opened it and saw a complete array of adorable styles and each of them were perfect and unique in their own ways. I ended up all of the 5 items back but only a few small details kept me from keeping them all.

Floral Sheer Blouse ($48) 
This blouse was AWESOME and would be perfect for Houston weather that is 60* or higher in the dead of fall/ winter. I loved it but it was a little too big in the middle chest area and it just looked like my chest area should have been about 5 inches lower than where it actually was. I tried it on 2 different day and total of 5 times before deciding I would have to pass. I sent it back and requested a smaller size on my next fix.

It is hard to see in this picture but the chest area was too low cut and large!

Boyfriend Jeans from a Kut from the Kloth ($128)
The price tag immediately sent me into shock as this is NOWHERE near what I usually pay for jeans. I am a bargain shopper and hardly ever pay full price for anything and this was not only high but was high for even full price jeans I would usually buy. I really did like them and I was surprised to see they fit me well but I could not justify spending $128 on regular jeans, meaning not a brand name fancy “butt” style of jeans. I sent them back; solely because of the high price tag. If they were even half the price, I would have kept them for sure.

Navy Cloud Sheer Shirt ($54) 
This shirt looked great before I put it on… then once I put it on I looked like I was 7 months pregnant. This, obviously, is not a look anyone wants but I especially did not like it since I had just lost 70 pounds. This was an immediate “NO” from both me and my husband. I sent it back.

These jeans fit well, considering the style, but $128... yeah that high price tag is just not for me!
This shirt... yeah it was a definite "NO" from the very beginning! 

Navy Cardigan ($68)
This cardigan was adorable on and off the hanger and I really enjoyed it. It fit well and really played the part of fall layering. I paired it with a white tank top and the jeans they sent and it was a really cute outfit. But yet again, I just got sick looking at the $68 price tag. Now some of you might be thinking that is nothing for a top or blouse or even a layering cardigan but for me this was high and I just could not pull the trigger. I ended up sending it back too just because of the high price tag. 
I did like this cardigan but again, the cost was a little out of my league! 

For the life of me I cannot remember what the 5th item was but I know I had to send it back because I ended up losing my $20 style fee for this fix. I didn’t like that but at the same time I was not going to waste more money on items that I was not 100% satisfied.

Overall I was satisfied with my first Stitch Fix experience and scheduled another fix for the end of February as I was headed to a cruise in March. Fix #1 may not have been a HUGE success but it was not a complete turn-off either. We will see what Fix #2 holds. 

Fix me up! 

God is good... All the time! 

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