Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diet Problems

Well... Chris and I lost over 70 lbs between us on the HCG diet since October. It was a long and hard process but we each dropped the weight. We have been on the maintenance part of the diet for about 4 weeks. The maintenance part of the diet is not bad at all and Chris and I actually enjoy this part of the diet. Since coming to my parents house for Christmas, Chris and I have each gained about 5-6 pounds. We have ate so much stuff. Today we didn't eat breakfast or lunch in hopes of dropping a few pounds. Tonight we are going to eat Tur-duck-en. I have never had this before so I am really excited! Hopefully, we will be able to drop the extra pounds quickly. Starting on the 1st, Chris and I will be on the 2nd round of the HCG diet. I am praying that each of us will be able to drop another 25 or 30 pounds. Thank you Lord for the pounds we have already dropped. I will let you know how the Tur-duck-en turns out!

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