Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What an AWESOME Break thus far

Chris, Natalie and I have spent the past week with my family for Christmas. We were able to go to the Butcher Shop in Longview and eat some of the best burgers ever as well as some great tasting desserts. This was also were Natalie ate a foot long hot dog! I guess she was hungry too :)

We also started a few family traditions.

Chris and I were basically trash talking to each other about how good our cookies were, we decided to have a "COOKIE WAR"! This was between Chris, Allison (my sister) and I. I ended up not making them because I was still recovering from the massive amount of food I ate the night before. Allison made Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chris made Fig and Walnut Cookies. Chris went to the grocery store about 3 times to get all of his ingredients and one ingredient was more per pound than a T-bone steak! CRAZY! We had our family friends judge them and Chris came back the winner.

We also watched "Christmas Vacation" on Christmas Night. Allison had never seen this and she LOVED it! This will be a tradition we carry on in the future. Such a funny movie!

We also started our "Davis Family" tradition of making Christmas about Jesus and his birthday. We read the Christmas Story from the Bible and Natalie did really well. She loves it when Poppi speaks and she loved to respond back to him while he was reading. We also each took a turn to say a Christmas prayer and Natalie was well-behaved during this part too. In addition to this we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and then had a birthday cupcake for him. This was really cool and I enjoyed having a tradition like this. I plan on doing this EVERY year with all my kids!

We also were able to go out on 2 date nights and an evening with a long time friend. This was a great opportunity for Chris and I since we rarely ever get to go out since the lack of babysitter! It was great to go out to eat and not have to leave extra tip for the mess Natalie made or eat quickly so to get Natalie out of the restaurant! I actually enjoyed the meal! It was awesome!

Finally, today we spent the morning with my sister Allison since it was her birthday! She is 23 and she is loving every minute of it! I made her some cupcakes last night and then gave her a cupcake stand to hold them! It is really awesome!

Overall, Chris and I had a blast and are VERY grateful to my parents and sister for such an amazing week. We are going to spend New Years with Chris's parents in Conroe and then head back on Saturday or Sunday! It is going to be EXCITING!


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