Friday, January 20, 2012

Even in the Valley

It has been my motto on this blog "God is good... All the time". I believe this and I "preach" this in all I do. If you have read any of my past blogs, you know that my family and I have been through A LOT! From unemployment in Shawnee to unemployment in Houston to "house-less" at the current time. We have had a long and bumpy ride. Of course we are trying to keep our eyes not on the road (Or rollercoaster) itself but the end of the road.

Right now is the start of what is going to be a very trying few months. This week is the start of baseball season for Chris and his caoching position. I have worked alongside some of the best coaches I have ever known and I know the time committment it takes. This is of course on top of his already exisiting math teacher position and we are approaching testing season. I look at his baseball schedule and I am just dumbfounded on how he is going to do all of that and still be able to stand up, let alone teach Algebra to 9th graders. I ask for you to pray for him in these next 3 months. He will have alot on his plate and will need alot of strenghth and encouragement whenever and wherever possible.

That is just his side of the coin. I obviously do not have the job constraints that he does but I will be pulling double duty on the home front for a while. I keep telling myself, millions of young women do this EVERY DAY! I can do this for 3 months. In preperation of this time we will have together of just me and my Natalie Grace, I have enrolled her in Kindermusik here in The Woodlands. We start on Monday. I cannot wait!

The other major concern of our right now is our house in Shawnee to sell. It has been on the market for over 7 months now and we have not had a single inquirey. We understand teh slow market and the economy but we are ready to move on with our lives and officailly start this "Next chapter" of our lives here in Houston. We are really at a stand still right now as we are living with Chris' parents currently. This prohibits us from knowing what our overall goal and plan is becasue we dont even know where exactly we will live. Oh and in case you didnt know, we have ANOTHER little one on the way. David Luke Davis will bless us with his presence sometime in mid-June. It is so hard for me to prepare for my new little man without my own house and home.

I have worried and as my husband has told me "been parynoid" about the sell of our house for way too long. I call our realtor on Monday and found out that while it had not been shown in over 3 months and it basically just sat there empty, as I was speaking to her it was being shown and had been shown earlier Monday. My two realtors are setting up an open house on this Sunday, January 22nd from 2-4 and we covet your prayers not only for an interested buyer but just people at all.

This leads me to the purpose of this blog post. At our January Bible Conference at our church, I heard some great mesages and amazing singing. Before one of the highlighted groups got up to sing their lead singer told a story of faith and trust and mentioned this phrase
"If you worry... Why pray? But if you pray... Why worry?"

This statement is so very true. Hard to actually do... But so very true. I have worried and stressed and basically been an emotional wreck waiting for our house to sell. Yes, I have prayed about it but I have also worried. I just have to give to God and let him take it from me. In Phillipians 4:19 the Bible says
"For my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
This performer took this phrase and led into a song called "Even in the Valley". The words of this song are not only true but spoke to my heart in my time of "Valley".
Even in the valley God is good
Even in the valley, He is faithful and true
He carries his children through like he said he would
Even in the valley God is good
No matter what your "Valley" is God will carry you through this valley to the next mountain peak!

Even in the Valley... God is Good... (All the time!)


  1. Hang in there! As a realtor, I know it's easy to get discouraged when your house isn't being shown. But, that can turn on a dime. Here in the next couple of months, we almost always see an increase in traffic as those families with children start thinking about moving when school is out. It's a seasonal thing - Thanksgiving til about Valentines are traditionally slow. God has His own way of working these things out and blessing us at just the right moment! His timing is perfect. Y'all remain in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Jane! I really appreciate your encouragement!