Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interesting Cravings

Tonight for our weekly family night Chris took me to "Sweet Tomatoes" in The Woodlands for dinner. I had been wanting to go there and I have also been craving salads and fruits lately. I told Chris this while we were eating and he asked me what other food items I had been craving for this pregnancy. I was a little baffled... I don't really know any others I have been craving.

In all reality, I have not really even felt pregnant most of the time this go around. I have not had any nausea or morning sickness, I have not had any other physical problems and for the most part I have not had any REAL cravings. Now just like all females, I have wanted some sweets now and then but that is not the pregnancy hormones talking... that is the FEMALE hormones! And most of those have been just desires and I have not really wanted them so much I HAVE to HAVE them or go out and get them.

During the Christmas break I was talking to my brother and sister in-law and we were discussing Jamba Juice and I would say that was my very first craving of this pregnancy. I did take time that night to look up a Jamba Juice location near us or an Orange Julius. I actually like Orange Julius more than Jamba Juice but unfortunately, they are only in Kansas and northern states. I didn't find a Jamba Juice in Conroe or The Woodlands so I just let that craving go away with some orange juice at home. Little did I find out there is one just 5 miles from my house inside of Market Street in The Woodlands. (Oh yeah... I will be going there soon!)

The other craving I have had has really just been for salad. During the entire month of December I took salads made by Kroger or Walmart in my lunch every day at school. I dont know if I  was craving the vegetables or the cheese and other fixing's or the salad dressing or what. I also really wanted a salad bar alot. In fact, when I went home to my parents house over the break I actually asked them to go to Jason's Deli just so I could get my Salad bar fix.

I know since I am only 17 weeks along I will surely have more cravings before it is all said and done but I thought I should at least keep track of the few ones I have had up to this point. I have read online that if you are craving fruits and veggies (Which OBVIOUSLY I have), that means it is a girl since girls lead a healthier lifestyle than men. I guess I will just have to wait until Wednesday to get the TRUE RESULTS of our little bundle of joy! I CANNOT WAIT!

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