Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Patience is a Virtue

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's official... We own the house. After 15 months of being homeless Chris and I are finally able to say "we own a house" again. I haven't even made it back to the house yet and I already feel like a totally different person.

My parents came into town this afternoon to help us move this weekend and they stayed at Dan and Jackie's house with the kids while Chris and I went to the title company to sign the closing papers. While we were at the title company Dan and my dad loaded my dad's SUV, my SUV and even Jackie's SUV with more boxes of small things from their garage. When we got back from signing the papers at the title company we ate a quick bite and then we all took all the vehicles down the road to start unloading at the new house. Fortunately it wasn't raining and it wasn't incredibly too hot and steamy so the men were able to do three complete loads in Dan's truck before dark. By 8PM that that night we already had our new garage a third of the way full with stuff from our old garage. At this point it was very organized and I was directing people where to take the boxes they came inside and I was trying to tell them where to put them in the garage if they were supposed to stay outside however; these boxes have been sitting in Dan and Jackie's garage for 15 months and since a lot of them were very dusty and dirty it created an extra step that Allison had to do by using the shop vac to clean out the boxes before they came into the house. My mom, Jackie and Natalie helped do some of the minor cleaning inside the house like vacuuming and cleaning the baseboards while the men unloaded and I directed traffic. Poor baby Luke basically just set there and cried. I'm not sure if he likes the new house at this point. Around 8:30 we called it a night and everybody went back over to Dan and Jackie's house to get some rest.

Around 6 AM everybody was "up and at em" and ready to do a whole new day of unloading at the new house. Allison had developed a cold the previous week so she wasn't quite up to par but she did an amazing job the whole day of still helping as much as she could. Through most of the day my mom and Allison worked on unloading and preparing the kitchen. This was an amazing help to me knowing that they would get all of the kitchen supplies out of the boxes, clean them and put them into their cabinets. At one point I had to leave to go and finish up some work with a consignment sale I was a part of and when I came back mom and Allison had the entire kitchen put together including some of the decorations. It was amazing!!! It was really beginning to feel like "home"!

By 3 PM on Saturday all of the boxes from the garage had been unloaded and a lot of the large furniture including our king size bed from upstairs in Dan and Jackie's house had been brought over to our new house. However the new house looked like a war zone. There were boxes everywhere...some of them were labeled well, some of them weren't labeled at all, some of them were open and some of them are still taped shut. I felt like I was walking on broken glass just coming in and out of the house. I just wanted to be able to come into my house an go right to something.

Before Allison left for Dallas we were able to organize the remaining boxes in the garage. This really helped me to know where stuff is and how I could get to it if I needed it.

I know it will take many weeks and months for me to get my house ready for friends and family to come and visit and even longer to host the party I so desperately want to host, but I know with patience and trust in God it will happen. I have been able to wait patiently for the past 15 months to be able to have this gift from God that is my house so I know I can wait for it all to come together.

I am so very blessed and thank God for His continued blessings each and every day. God is AMAZING! Thank You Lord!

God is good... ALL THE TIME!!!

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