Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let it Go

August 1, 2014 
Can't Hold it Back Anymore... 

My motto for the next 10 days!

For the past 9 months, almost to the day, Chris and I have been living an alternative lifestyle... well, at least for us. We have been making lifestyle changes from our previous days by taking control of our health and OUR LIVES. In November 2013 Chris and I began our journey to new health by beginning to take Plexus Slim, which is a product originally made for diabetics that helps regulate blood sugars. This regulation helps control cravings, hunger and so much more. Since starting in November we have lost over 215 pounds combined and both of us are at our lowest weight of our adult lives. I personally have lost over 55 inches and have dropped nearly 5 pant/ dress sizes. I officially weigh 30 pounds LESS than I did when I got married! I have NEVER felt better! 

During these 9 months Chris and I have made better eating decisions, have added or increased our exercise regimen and have overall changed our way of thinking as far as health goes. We have been changed from the inside out. For example, before Plexus I was drinking 2-4 cans of Coke Zero everyday and far too often these Coke Zeros would become REAL Coke because it was "a celebration" day. Looking back it seemed almost like every weekend I was "celebrating" something and was drinking hard core 150 calorie Cokes 2-4 times each day. In addition to the drink calories I was also adding wasted calories like candy bars, sweets and other junk food on a routine weekly basis. It is no wonder I weighed so much and was severely over-weight, even obese at my heaviest. Since staring Plexus I have completely kicked my diet soda and wine habit, I no longer crave cupcakes and sweets and have lowered my blood sugars because of this. I honestly didn't think it was possible but much to my dismay, here I am today having not had real sweets or Cokes (of any kind) in nearly 9 months! Thank you Plexus!  

I know what you are thinking... "Certainly they had some cheat days in those 9 months!" To this thought, you would be correct. We occasionally, like once a month on date night, would have a "reward dinner" as we liked to call them for all of our hard work and efforts in the weight loss battle. However, EVERY TIME we had one of these meals the following 3-5 days was full of increased and elongated exercise programs and a major reduction calories to make up for the "cheat meal". It almost always felt like a waste to me because I had to over-correct for my mistake for the next 5 days. These Chili's, Babin's, Salt Grass and etc meals rarely  felt "worth it" to me!

But enough is enough.... Today marks the beginning of our "vacation" which includes 2 days at home without the kiddos (in and of itself is a TRUE VACATION) as they are going on vacation with Gigi Shirley and Poppy to St. Louis, MO for an adventure as well as time with Gigi Jackie and Grandpa and then our Summer 2014 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. During these 10 days I plan on enjoying myself and my hubby which will include some sweets and treats. If you know me and my "foodie" side at all (or have read our YOLO Cruise blog from last year...here), you know that Chris and I truly go ALL OUT when it comes to food on a cruise. This is the highlight of a cruise and a cruise line for us. Despite having completely changed our lifestyles and eating habits, I fully plan on going back to my old ways of being a "food snob", as a friend once called me, during these 10 days. However, the days of over-indulging and binge eating are FOREVER gone. But we will share entrees and try as much as we can without stuffing ourselves silly like before. I know that once we get back I will have gained 7-10 pounds (Davis's usually are over-achievers and gain 2 pounds per day instead of the typical 1 pound) I'm sure and will have 2-3 weeks of hard core recovery to make up for it but I KNOW it will be worth it. Besides... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

Be watching for this years' YOLO Cruise Blogs when we get back! I am sure they will be full of pictorial calories! We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity to go on a cruise (Thanks to our babysitters... Gigi Shirley/ Poppy and Gigi Jackie/ Grandpa) and owe it all to God and His continued blessings! Thank You, Lord for this calorie-heavy opportunity! Once again... I am BLESSED! 

God is good... All the time! 

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