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The Journey to my Treasure

For the Clueless
March 15, 2014

On Tuesday, March 11th Chris and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage. These 8 years have been full of ups and downs but despite all of that our love has grown stronger and stronger as each year and day have passed. I am happier than I ever have been in my life and I owe it all to God for allowing me to become Mrs. Davis. Chris is such a great husband and I am really lucky to have him in my life. I thank God each and every day for bringing us together.

Tuesday, started out like any other day on Spring Break with late waking, family breakfasts and errands. But as soon as I got home from running around town with Natalie I came home and saw that Chris had posted something on Facebook about an "Anniversary Treasure Hunt". To my knowledge he was still taking a nap in the bedroom so I read the status update and secretly looked around without any luck of finding anything! About 10 minutes later Chris came out of the bedroom and said "Well. what are you waiting for? Start looking." I smiled and gave him a kiss and then STARTED my journey.

Chris's original Facebook post letting me know the fun was to begin! 

He had posted a comment on Facebook called "For the Clueless" last week and told me that it was something for his kids at school. I had some doubts about this last week since I knew he was not friends with his students on Facebook but I figured it was something for his teacher friends and went on. My 1st clue was going back to this post from last week and trying to figure out what it meant.
Chris's "For the Clueless" ...clue #1 

 I read and re-read this clue but nothing... I began to look for the "hint" Chris had hid behind a picture of us on our honeymoon. This hint read "use the first letter or number from each word."

Searching behind the picture for a clue

The hint for clue #1

This hint helped me figure out that the 1st clue used a code and it said "Page 37 of our Prayer Book". We have been going through a Prayer Book together each night and on Page 37 was Clue #2. This clue was probably my favorite because it shows how much Chris and I have grown closer to not only each other in 8 years but also to God. It read as follows "Through God and prayer our marriage has grown stronger. Please take a moment to pray before searching for your next clue. To find your next clue, rearrange the letters on the swing set." I took a quick minute to pray with Chris (and Natalie who was helping me find all of my clues) before stepping outside to figure it out.

Reading clue #2 in our prayer book 

Clue #2

As soon as I stepped outside I was greeted by both Abbey and Oxford to help me look for my hint and location of the next clue. This hint contained 9 letters which I immediately thought read "At Your Car". In fact, I almost just went directly to my car to check. Chris then reminded me that this was not enough letters and I needed to re-think this. He was right... It didn't fit so I decided to go back inside to sit down and try to figure it out. About 15 minutes later I was still without any luck so Chris pulled out something from his pocket that read "For a Kiss"! Seriously, he is such a romantic at heart and I LOVE THIS! This was a hint in trying to figure it out the scrambled letters. The hint was hidden in my saxophone case and said "It starts with C". Since there was a Y in the anagram I figured it had to end in Y... But after another 7-8 minutes I still wasn't having any luck. (If we are ever chosen to go on the Amazing Race, here is where I will lose the $1Million for us... I am NOT good at these things). Chris came up from behind and pulled out another "For a Kiss" hint from his pocket (Which he had just created to help me figure it out). It read "It ends in D". About 3 minutes later I figured out that the letters were supposed to say COURTYARD. So I headed out to our Courtyard to locate Clue #3.

The anagram I had to unscramble... Harder than it looks! 

I need some help... But only for a kiss! Gladly! 

Searching in my saxophone case for a hint to help unscramble. 

Hint #1 for the unscramble... 

Freshly made hint #2 for the unscramble! Haha... I am really bad at these. 

I searched and searched and finally found it underneath one of our patio chairs. This clue was extra special because it really represented me. It included a short description of the next clue location but more importantly it used a MUSIC hint for me to de-code to figure out where Clue #4 was. Clue #3 read "Since moving down here, you have started selling two products. One of these is linked to your next clue location. Determine the code provided by the musical staff below to help you discover the location of your next clue." I knew it would either be about Thirty-One or Plexus since those were the 2 products I have started selling. However, the sad thing was that Chris made the music code in BASS CLEF... Sadly, since being out of band I have rarely used bass clef so I had to go inside and figure it out. The music Code spelled out "A FAB BAG". (I was HIGHLY impressed with this one not only because it really represented me but the wording is so NOT Chris! I was impressed he came up with this wording. Way to go Chris... Very Cool!)  I knew this meant a Thirty-One bag so I started searching my large inventory in the bedroom closet.

Searching for Clue #3 in the courtyard. 

Haha... This is me trying to remember bass clef under pressure! 

Clue #3

I practically looked in every Thirty-One bag I owned when Chris timidly said "It may not be a bag per say". I then knew it was one of my Thirty-One Organizing Cubes. Inside one of these Cubes was Clue #4. It read "Our love has grown stronger each year. Our first year down here was difficult as we waited for our house in Oklahoma to sell. We survived it though and are better off for it. you will find you next clue in the room we lived in for a year, while waiting for our house to sell." I knew that this was at Dan and Jackie's house but Chris said that I had to stop and get ready for the evening. At this point I was not sure what to expect. In fact, during the time of me getting ready Chris reminded me that we were on a time schedule. My mind was exploding with possibilities but I continued to get ready so we could remain on time.

Clue #4

When we got to Dan and Jackie's I dropped off the kids (literally) and ran upstairs to look in our old room for the clue. I looked in the closet, under the bed and finally found it under some old pictures on the bookshelf. This clue was very special because it led us to the most memorable location in our 3 years down here... The Hospital where Luke was born. Clue #5 read "Since we moved down here, the biggest event of our lives has been the birth of our son. Find your next clue at the place where our son was born." 

Clue #5

Next Stop... St. Luke's for clue #6! 

 I smiled and was giddy inside thinking of what could be next in this adventure. We kissed the kids goodbye and headed to St. Luke's. This was very interesting because I was not sure where inside of St. Luke's we would be going. To the Labor and Delivery floor? To Dr. Markos office? I was not sure... I felt a little weird. We headed to the front desk and Chris told the receptionist "This is Kellie Davis and she is on a treasure hunt. She has been searching all day for clues... do you have anything for her?" At this point I didn't know what to think or say. There were flower shop delivery men all over so I was not sure if the treasure was flowers or a visit around the hospital or what. I really felt like I was on Amazing Race at this point asking "Do you have a clue for me?". Marilyn, the receptionist, looked over the front desk and sure enough found a clue that said "Kellie Davis" on the front. I took the clue and said thank you. I began to open it and noticed it was leading us to one of our favorite Date Night restaurants, Benihana. Clue #6 read "One of our favorite pastimes together is eating at a restaurant. The dining options in Shawnee were scant. We have found many places to eat down here that we have loved, but there is one we agree is our favorite. Let's go eat there tonight."

Reading Clue #6 with excitement. 

Clue #6

I knew we had a reservation for 6pm but it was still before 5 so I was not sure what we were going to do... Never fear, Chris Davis had a plan! We headed to Happy Hour for Sushi and drinks. I am not a HUGE sushi person but we tried 2 new styles and I loved them. This was special because it allowed me to share something that Chris loves with HIM on our anniversary.

Happy Hour Sushi. 

The California Roll

The Las Vegas roll... A new one for both of us and it was FANTASTIC! 

After this we headed to our special dinner table where we enjoyed one of a kind eating of Japanese cuisine. We have been really watching what we eat for the past few months but this was a celebration so we decided to splurge a little bit. The chef came to our table and cooked our meal specifically for us and even helped celebrate our anniversary with a special CLUE from the restaurant manager himself halfway through the meal. This was so special because I was able to read this clue and figure out that it led me to my real gift at home after the meal! Clue #7 read "As I lay beside you every night, I consider how fortunate I am to be married to such a wonderful wife and mother. You gift is lying underneath your pillow". (Seriously... SO ROMANTIC! I was tearing up with emotions at this point. He is the best!) We continued our special meal and even was treated to a special Anniversary dessert afterwards and a commemorative picture from Benihana!

Getting my clue from the manager! 

The fantastic meal prepared for us by a special chef. 

Clue #7

Such a wonderful and memorable meal! 

We ended our meal and headed home for me to find my 8th and Final Clue. This was the most special not only because it contained the gift but because it contained heart felt romantic expressions of love from Chris. My gifts were 2 special charms and multiple spacers for my charm bracelet that Chris got me for my 29th birthday. These charms signified the beginning of our journey with an "Underground London" since that is where we honeymooned and a "treasure box" charm since this 8th anniversary was spent looking for my treasure. I also added some color to my bracelet with some specially picked Ruby spacers and a special "Mom" spacer as well. This really made my bracelet even more complete with hand picked charms from my honey.

My 8th and final clue 

"My Flat in London" charm to remember when and where our journey started 8 years ago! 

My "Treasure Box" to remember tonight's treasure! Absolutely perfect! 

The night ended with us picking up our kids and then going back home and showing Natalie my bracelet and explaining what each charm stood for and describing to her how happy each of us was. This was the best part of the whole day and I thank God that we are able to demonstrate Godly love to each other and be an example of this for our kids.

After explaining the bracelet and it's significance to Natalie. 

The BEST 8 Years of my life... I cannot wait to see what the next 88 hold for us! 

Chris's itinerary.... This is why I love him so much! 

This was one of the best and most romantic days of my life, not to mention most exciting times of looking for my clues. My husband is such an amazing man and I could not have asked for a better anniversary gift or man! Ladies, be jealous... I have a fantastic guy! Chris Davis, you are the best! Thank you for choosing me to be your wife! I love you so much!
God is good... All the Time.

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