Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Natalie- A Recap

February 6, 2014
"Where has the time gone"

My once little girl has grown up right before our eyes. She is turning into a little girl and not a toddler or Pre-schooler any more! I cannot believe how big and smart she has gotten. She currently attends a day-school here in Conroe at West Conroe Baptist Church 4 days a week. She is learning her letters, numbers, colors... you name it. At home, her and I work nightly on sight-words and reading. Just this month SHE has added 30 new words to her reading vocabulary and is now moving ahead at lightning speeds. I am so proud of her! She takes gymnastic lessons on Monday nights and is loving every minute. She told me she wanted to be a "Summer-saulter" when she grows up! She is a little scared to walk on the tall 3' balance beam alone or turn over on the uneven bars but we have been watching Shannon Miller and Gabby Douglas Olympic videos on YouTube and she is getting more excited and interested in flipping! We will see if her excitement pays off at the next lesson! 

Natalie is ready for Gymnastics! 

As always she LOVES the Carousel. 

Just this month we learned that one of her best friends from school, Lauren, and her family will be picking up and moving to Arizona... THIS WEEK! I don't even know how to begin to explain to a 4.5 year old about never being able to see her best friend again. This past weekend Natalie went to a going away skating party for Lauren and the "Three Amigos" were able to spend time together skating. Natalie had never skated before and with the help of these PVC Pipes called "Skater Trainers" she did VERY well. She has already said she wants to go again (With Lauren... which is so sad) and wants her own skates for Christmas. Sorry sister, Christmas is a LONG time away!

Natalie and her friends Aubrey and Lauren!
They have been friends for over 2 years! 

Natalie and Lauren together ONE MORE TIME! 

She still LOVES being a big sisters and
is constantly helping out with Luke! 

She decided to dress herself last week and in 45* weather she picked out shorts!
She has now become a Texan!

Natalie and "Rainbow Claire"!
My little girl is growing up TOO FAST!

As I have mentioned before, Natalie is a TRUE GIFT from God. She has the heart of a servant and is constantly trying to help whenever we need her to. She loves being with mommy and daddy and Gigi of course! Thank you, Lord for my Nattie!

I love you Natalie Grace! 

God is Good... All the Time! 

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