Friday, March 27, 2015

Cruising in STYLE

Anniversary Cruise to the Bahamas 
Serenade of the Seas- March 2015 

I have been on 4 cruises now and you would think I would be an expert in the "what to pack" area but each and every time I go on another cruise I debate on what to pack and what to wear. This past March, my husband I took a Bahamas cruise for our 9th Wedding Anniversary and for the first time I felt like I packed the correct attire... I still over packed, naturally, but I was more confident in what I DID pack! This is more of a REMINDER for me for future cruises but for anyone who may be packing or thinking about packing for an upcoming cruise here are my recommendations for what to pack! I hope this helps you as you dream and get ready for your next cruise! Once again, thank you so much for following me! 

Embarkation Day 
Obviously you want to wear what your embarkation port weather allows but I typically wear something light and nautical themed. I have worn a maxi-dress in the past and with the carrying of luggage and etc. it was just not as comfortable. If you are not comfortable in flip-flops or sandals you might want to wear tennis shoes. 

Perfect attire to board a cruise ship!

Relaxation Sea Days 
Again, it depends on the weather but I try to bring 1-2 outfits for EACH sea day. Usually a nicer outfit that includes shorts or capri pants with a blouse or a sundress of some kind. I rarely wear tennis shoes on these days but rather flip-flops (dressy or casual) or cute sandals. The idea of these days are rest and relaxation so comfort is key. 

A cute maxi dress to wear around the ship. 

 If you are into exploring the ship and doing more active activities then this might be a more appropriate outfit. 

A Day at the Beach
Swimsuit, cover-up and flip-flops... what more do you need! Be sure to pack a change of clothes if needed. That is usually a casual sundress as well! 

Breezy cover-ups are the best! 

I was able to get this one from Macy's and it is my FAVORITE! 

I usually pack 3-4 swimsuits for each 7 day cruise. Basically 1 for each port and 1 for the sea days. Keep in mind your stateroom situations when packing swimsuits. For example, if you have a balcony you will be able air-dry your swimsuits daily and it will not be a problem and less would be fine. However, if you have an inside cabin there are limited resources for drying your wet suit which makes it rather gross to re-wear a wet suit. 

Active Shore Excursions and Work-out Clothes 
Be sure to pack work-out clothes for your cruise no matter the length (4-7+ days). The fitness center is open daily (Bright and early) and you will want to have those yoga pants and dry-fit shirts. This also includes socks and tennis shoes as well! 

On-Board Night Life 
We are not dance floor or club people but on our most recent cruise we did attend a small cocktail type of party and smart casual attire was encouraged so a nicer dress but not too formal was needed. This longer maxi dress fit perfectly. 

Casual Nights On-Board 
On most cruise lines 5 out of 7 nights are considered casual. I personally still wear a sundress of some kind usually because I enjoy the comfort but other guests wear capris and nice blouses or your typical work-place attire (with a summer twist, of course). 
Casual and comfort is the key as you will be going anywhere from the Dining Room to the Theater to the Night Clubs. 

Specialty Restaurant Attire 
These are usually labeled as Semi-Formal so a more professional look is desired. On our most recent cruise we had 2 meals at specialty restaurants and at both settings I wore a semi-formal long dress. 
A more sophisticated look for the upscale dinners!

Formal Nights On-Board 
For me personally these are some of the only times during the calendar year that I am REALLY dressing up. I try to wear a long formal dress or a cocktail dress of some kind with coordinating and "show-stopping" shoes and jewelry to match. 

Buffet/ Lounge Attire
On some cruise lines there is a no bathing suit or cover up policy in the eating areas, including the buffet, so it is nice to have an additional change of clothes for reasons such as this. For me this is usually shorts and a t-shirt. By the end of the cruise I am just wanting to lounge around in comfy clothes so this style fits the bill. 

Even on the high seas I have to support OU and my Sooners

One of my favorite things about cruising is the packing that leads up to it. I usually find myself going on "cruise shopping sprees" week or months ahead of time trying to find the perfect items to pack. I hope this helps some of you as you get ready and pack for an upcoming cruise! 

Keep Calm... And Cruise in Style! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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