Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Sea Day #2

"A Lazy Day at Sea” 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


The focus of today was not to do as much as we possibly could around the ship like we usually would but rather to do NOTHING and relax because soon our glorious vacation would be over and we would be back to reality and what has proven in the past to be the hardest 2 months of the school year. We woke up at 7AM and Chris went jogging for 6.5 miles and I got ready to face this lazy day. I had hoped to be able to catch the sunrise out of the Eastern decks but missed it by about 8 minutes. I was able to get a beautiful morning walk in and regain mind strength as I witnessed once again God’s handiwork.

Chris was consistent with jogging each morning on the jogging track! Way to go, honey!

I met Chris at MDR for breakfast and mimosas then we headed towards the pool on deck 11 to grab some deck chairs. There was a Itinerary shirt sale going on so I decided to save our chairs with beach towels and go get in line while Chris went up to deck 12 to get some waters. While he was on deck 12 and I was in line we heard the outrageously loud noise. I was not sure what it was at first and neither did the other passengers. In fact, I think some of the old women around me wet their pants thinking it was some type of bomb or something. It was just a naval fighter jet our of Key West, FL buzzing the tower/ bridge ("Negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full"). Chris was able to see it from deck 12 and said it was AWESOME!  

I was the 5th person in line for the t-shirt sale and glad I was at the front of the line because at noon (2 hours later) the line was still 20-30 people deep. These shirts are much better quality than that you would find in the ports and at 2/$20... a much better deal. Be sure to check it out next time you cruise as most cruise lines have this same type of sale at some point in the cruise. 

After I got the shirts we took them back to the room and changed to get into the hot tub. We were lucky to have an open hot tub and stayed in there talking with other guests and relaxing for nearly 1.5 hours. We decided it was time to go ahead and get out as the sun kept creeping around the awnings and our delicate red-head skins started to get pink. We changed quickly then headed to the MDR for lunch. While on the Navigator we LOVED the MDR lunches and were even more impressed with the lunch menus than that of dinner. That was not the case this time as the menu we had on Day 6 was lacking and very un-fulfilling. We were not impressed at all and bummed out!

Afternoon on the upper decks!


After lunch we went to our room to get our hats and sunglasses to lay out again and that is when I noticed we had a voice-mail. Of course, I immediately thought something was wrong with our kids or family and expected a call from shore. Well something was “wrong” but gratefully it was not with our kids. We had nearly $400 of OBC to be spent on board and the phone call was from guest services explaining that the missing $75 would not be applied to our bill…Enter Kellie Davis. Unfortunately, I lost 50 minutes of a cruise that I will never get back but after 7 transfers I got to the resolutions department and they fixed it and the remaining $75 was applied to our OBC account the following morning.

Frustrated and mad I trekked back up to deck 12 to find Chris peacefully napping in the shade. We ordered an afternoon drink and got ready to watch the hilarious Belly Flop Contest by the pool. Come to find out a kid threw-up in pool so the belly flop was delayed by nearly an hour. After watching the contest we then laid out more before going to shower and headed to The Royal Suite for a cocktail party with our new friends from Cruise Critic. We went to the cocktail party and lived it up in the Royal Suite with our new friends before leaving to get ready for Formal and LOBSTER night in the MDR.  

We got ready in record time, especially for a formal night, went and took 1 professional picture and then headed to the MDR. Dinner was amazing but took forever due to it being lobster night and unfortunately our waiters were just not on their game. The evening was enjoyable nonetheless. During our dessert portion the wait staff came and sang "Happy Anniversary" us again with a Chocolate Sensation Cake as a gift as well. We got this at The Chef's Table the night before on our actual anniversary but I guess the Food and Beverage department in the MDR missed that memo! It was special and funny at the same time. 

We were members of the Crown and Anchor Society on Royal Caribbean ships so we had several coupons and money saving offers that we had not used at this point of the cruise. One of these offers included a Buy One Get One FREE option at Vintages so we concluded our formal evening there. These were some of the best wines we have ever had and were a great value with the BOGOF option.

We walked toward the Topical Theater to find the Vegas Tenors show had already started and was a full house. We stood at the back for the last 30 minutes and I certainly am glad we did because that group was FANTASTIC! I only wish we would have caught the whole show. We then relaxed before going to the popular and wild 70's Disco Party. We opted to watch for a little while before hitting the crowded dance floor ourselves. It was a BLAST and I just wish they would do an 80's party too! 

The 70's Disco Party with Carly B., our Cruise Director. 

Day 6 was amazing and I am glad we went away from our hustle and bustle style of “wanting to see and do it all” on this ship and took a day to relax. It was well deserved and well worth it… In fact, I think we need to do this on all of our cruises in the future!

Stay tuned for Day 7 and our last Sea Day!

God is good… ALL the time! 

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