Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Nassau

"Flying High Above the Sky"
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We woke up to a 90* room at 4:33AM. We noticed the night before that the room seemed a little hotter and especially more stuffy than usual but just assumed it would cool down instead of call for 
maintenance.  But when Chris woke up and said it was too hot to sleep I KNEW IT WAS HOT! I immediately called Guest Services to send someone out to fix it. 

In the mean time, Chris went jogging at 6:00am and I got ready and watched the sunrise once again from the upper decks. Once again it was incredibly beautiful and a pure joy to watch and experience.  I went to the Vortex Lounge and Chris went to take a shower then we met for breakfast in the MDR. This particular menu was exceptionally good and we both enjoyed it very much.  After breakfast we went to our room to get our bags ready for the day and then went to the "Welcome Back Party" for returning Crown and Anchor Society members. This was a group for any guests who had cruised with Royal Caribbean before and since this was just our 2nd time to cruise with RCI it was our first time to attend this party.  Here they served free breakfast refreshments and gave out information about upcoming ships joining the fleet as well as information on how to book your next RCI cruise (Of course there had to be some type of marketing scheme, right). 

Waiting for the party to start!

Our very own personal invitation to the party! We felt so special!

Cheers to us!

We knew since we would not be docking in Nassau until 1PM that we would need to eat lunch on the ship so we opted to go to the Windjammer Buffet for lunch. We got there at the time they were switching it over to lunch from breakfast so there was not a lot to choose from but what was there was FRESH! But despite being one of the first to eat the lunch food options, it was still lacking in our opinions. When we finished lunch and returned to our room we found a technician fixing our AC and it was already much cooler!

We then went to watch our approach and this time the helicopter pad was open for viewing as we had turned to sail WITH the wind instead of against. Once we reached our spot on the pier the Captain began to back in so we headed toward the aft to watch the backing-in process.  There were already 4 ships in port when we arrived (Costa Mediterranean, Disney Dream, RCI Majesty of the Seas and Carnival Sensation) and we would make 5 ships in port that day. This seemed like a lot but we were later told that 5 ships was a considerably light day in Nassau and 6-7 ships is common. 

Beautiful Atlantis Resort! 

The Nassau port with 5 ships on March 10, 2015. 

While we were waiting to get clearance from customs we went to
Cafe Lattitudes to get coffee and more importantly apply sunscreen. We were off the ship and in the Bahamas by 1:10PM. We took some pictures of the beautiful Atlantis Resort and other Nassau icons before heading toward Señor Frogs where we would be meeting 
Captain Freddie, our para-sailing tour guide. He told us to meet at 
Señor Frogs so naturally we assumed inside but once we saw the MASSIVE amounts of Spring Break college kids (dancing on the tables and all) we quickly bailed and decided to look outside for him. Sure enough he had his small boat parked just outside the entrance to Señor Frogs. We stepped into the boat and before we could even get settled we were miles away from Nassau and on our way to our para-sailing site. 

Captain Freddie's High-Tech Para-Sailing... AMAZING!

Getting ready to go up in the air for our Para-sailing adventure!

WOW... this was one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences of my life. We got all of our gear on and literally sailed off the boat as Captain Freddie stepped on the gas and we flied off. Within moments we were 100+ feet in the air and higher than the smoke stacks of the 5 ships. We saw all of Nassau and surrounding areas and it was perfect. Chris saw a sting ray and possibly a shark... we were informed AFTERWARDS that Bahamas is the Shark Capital of the World (Thank you Captain for informing me AFTER the flight).  

We just left the boat and we are about 20-30 feet in air!

We were about 80-100 feet in the air at this time!
Perfect time for a selfie... right?

The lagoons were incredible and it was an overall once in a lifetime opportunity. I had heard that para-sailing only had about 5-6 minutes of airtime but I did my research and found Captain Freddie's High Tech Para-sailing and he advertised 12 minutes of air time. I set the alarm on my iPhone before we got off  and once we got back on the boat it was 14:37 so we were more than happy with the amount of time spent in the air. In fact, we never even got wet! If you are ever in Nassau... LOOK HIM UP! He is the best!

Looking back over the harbor in Nassau from 100 feet in the air! 

Just one of the many lagoons we saw from above.

Looking back at Atlantis on Paradise Beach!

The water was the most beautiful I have ever seen!

 Then we went back to the famous Straw Market and Chris purchased me a turquoise jewelry set for our anniversary (Thank you honey)! I also got a blue coral necklace and Chris got a magnet. Then we started the near 1 mile walk to the Fish Fry, a local eatery place down the beach in Nassau. We stopped in at a place called Casa del Mar which featured immediate caught seafood. We ate conch fritters, conch salad and cracked conch.. It was all delicious and well worth the walk. 

Case del Mar at The Fish Fry!

On our way back to downtown Nassau we stopped at Junakoo Beach and got in some beach and relaxing time. I found it strange that while I changed in the restroom there was a Bahamian lady asking for tips. 

Chris in the Atlantic Ocean! 

At Junakoo Beach in Nassau!

Another selfie!

The water was "refreshing" (Cold)!

Lots of Spring Break crowds but we had a BLAST!

We walked around Nassau and purchased some more souvenirs and then got back on the boat. Continuing with our "Back on 
board early" tradition we got into the hot-tub since it was not as crowded as usual. Dinner in the MDR was lackluster at best, and was followed by an equally bad performance in the theater. The show was called Vibeology by the
Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers, which featured a lot of good songs that Chris and I both like, but the singers were painfully awful. We returned to our room tired and but looking forward to our anniversary the following day! 

Nassau at night!

Stay Tuned for our last day in the Bahamas at CoCo Cay! 

God is good... All the time! 

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