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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Sea Day #1

"Living Like Royalty"
Sunday, March 8, 2015

This day is always one of my favorites throughout the cruise because no matter what, when you wake up you will be seeing beautiful blue ocean waters. Naturally, Chris went jogging at 6AM and I tried to go back to sleep without any luck. Around 6:40AM I decided it was time to get out of bed and get ready to face a full day of rest and relaxation, with a little adventure thrown in there too. Chris muscled through 7 miles on the treadmill because the wind was too strong to jog outside.  We ordered room service breakfast just to try some of the food... but it was as we remembered, TERRIBLE! I swear Royal Caribbean does not do eggs well!  Then we went down to the Main Dining Room (MDR), to have our real breakfast. (Be sure to check back for our FOOD BLOG... It will definitely make you hungry!)

Room Service Breakfast- Chris ordered 2 sets of everything and this is what we got.

We went to the aft of the ship and sat down watching the wake of the ship and the ocean for an hour while sipping fresh orange juice.  Chris does not normally lay out in the sun, but being the loving husband that he is, he joined me by the pool for an hour or so to lay out.

Our breakfast view! What a beautiful scene! 

The Windjammer aft area on The Serenade of the Seas.
It was a PERFECT location to sit and chill... covered too!

I wish this one would have turned out a little better!

Time for some SUN!

After getting some sun we set off towards the helicopter pad to watch us sail in the open waters. It was WINDY but we had fun! In fact, it was so windy that we nearly lost our room-key/ magic card!
Overlooking the "Ocean-view Cabins" at the very forward of the ship.
We have decided that this category of stateroom is on our bucket list!

Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico headed to Key West, FL.

The helicopter pad is one of my favorite places to be on a ship!
I love the "I'm the king of the world" Titanic feeling! 

We both really enjoy sushi, so we headed down to a sushi making demonstration just in time for the samples.  We set off to get ready for the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle, and more importantly the cabin crawl.  We were a hosting cabin in the cabin crawl, so we set out our giveaway trinkets (mini-Frisbee, and Milky Way candy bars "We hope your cruise is OUT OF THIS WORLD"... thank you Pinterest).  We also laid out "unique" playing cards for the Poker Run which went along side the Cabin Crawl. The meet and mingle was well-attended, with a lot of lively conversation.  The cruise director, Carly B, showed up and as is our tradition, Chris and I took a picture with her.

Boomer Sooner from the High Seas!

Carly B., our cruise director! She was AWESOME and we loved her!

A traditional picture on the Promenade deck!

The cabin crawl was AHH-mazing to say the very least. We will be posting a completely different blog post with specifics and pictures of all of the rooms we toured in a few days! We were able to tour balcony and ocean-view cabins, along with junior suites, grand suites, family suites, and the amazing final destination...The  Royal Suite.  This is the fanciest cabin on any Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship.  Obviously our interior cabin seemed puny compared to these so walking back to our 160 sqft hole was somewhat depressing.  This is where the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" began as we attended a cocktail party in the Royal Suite with these very famous Royal Caribbean cruisers. Some of them had accumulated over 500+ nights on RCI ships alone. We hit it off so well with many of the couples that we met up with them for dinner on 2 separate occasions as well as other venues on the ship throughout the week.

Hello from the baby grand piano in The Royal Suite!

The balcony alone in The Royal Suite was bigger than our inside cabin!

After the Cabin Crawl we went to the Windjammer Buffet for some unmemorable food and then returned to the true cruising motto of "DO NOTHING" and lounged on deck chairs. We explored a couple of different ones until we finally found some we liked in the Solarium.   We rested there until 4:00PM then we made our way down to the Schooner Bar for some trivia!  The first was a movie trivia whereby they showed you the picture of a character from a movie and you had to name the character.  Chris was amazing at this, unfortunately there were five he had no idea on, and our team lost by one point.  The second trivia was naming songs which had a color in the name.  They played a 5 second clip of the song, and you had to write down the title.  We teamed up with a sister pair on this one, and they carried us most of the way.  Again, we came up one point short from victory (UGH).

The Movie Trivia sheet

After trivia, we went to get ready for dinner.  It was formal night, so Chris wore a tie and I wore a dynamic blue dress.  We walked around the ship taking pictures in our formal attire, and we kept our early bird tradition as we were the first to take photos with the Captain of the ship.

A tradition of ours... a picture with the Captain!

Formal Night #1

We headed off to dinner where we had a long wait because of it being formal night... despite our reservation time. Formal nights in the MDR are highly attended which means more people and worse service. We were not put at our regular table and the waiter we got was sub-par but we had an enjoyable dinner nonetheless. 

After supper we went to the show featuring Alfred and Seymour.  These were two guys from Los Angeles who combined comedy and dancing into a very high-energy, interactive entertainment show.  Chris and I really loved it, making it two nights in a row where we really enjoyed the entertainment. After the show we retired for the evening as we would yet again be losing another hour of sleep due to traveling into the Eastern time zone and we had a full active day ahead of us! 

Next up... Key West, FL! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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