Monday, December 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #6 Review

November 2015 
Swing and a MISS 

It's 75* and muggy in Houston... Anything but "winter" weather and on my doorstep as I got home was another STITCH FIX! This would be my 6th Stitch Fix since spring 2015 and I was hoping for some light clothes that I could wear in these dreaded muggy and warmer-than-usual temperatures in Houston. My 6th fix arrived and I was ecstatic. I opened the box to find a few sheer options which would allow for layering and warmer Houston temps but also found HEAVY jeans and a very heavy sweater. I was optimistic... 

Crescent Purdue Crochet Detail Blouse- $48 
This blouse was simple and cute but even on the hanger I was not too impressed. It was made of a cotton blend and was already needing ironing so that was a red flag for me. I put it on and it fit very well but was a little shorter than what I would choose for myself and feel comfortable in. The arms were also a little tight. I sent this one back as I was not satisfied with it from the very beginning. 
I liked the color and the cut but I felt like the length was too short! 

Cute and simple!

Collective Concepts Lowe Lace Inset Blouse- $54 
This sleeveless tank was sheer and perfect for those undecided Houston temperatures. It could even be worn in the summer months. A true go-to and all-around tank top. I tried it on with a long cardigan and really liked it. The price tag was a little high, especially for a simple tank top, and that was the sole reason I sent it back. Of course, looking back I wish I would have kept it but $54 for a tank top is just too much for me. 

The tank top was nice and exactly what I wanted but the high price tag was just too much for me! 

A closer look at the tank! Cute details! 

Eclair Pip Crew Neck Blouse- $64
This was a stunning blouse on and off the hanger. It was a sheer lace style 3/4 sleeve blouse that could also be layered to adapt to the ever changing Houston temps. It could be dressed up or down and I loved that it would be very versatile. The color was DREADFUL and was not appealing or attractive on my fair skin. In addition it too was a VERY high priced shirt for the lightness and sheerness of it's fabric. I sent it back after much debate. I think, had it been in a different color or even shade I would have kept it despite it's outrageous price tag. 

I loved the sheer lace detail and the 3/4 sleeves!

But the color was AWFUL! 

Liverpool Loren Boot-cut Jean- $78
Finally, my stylist listened and sent me a pair of petite, or short length, jeans. These were a perfect dark shade and looked to be perfect... until I put them on. Then I swear you could see every curve and roll I had. I felt like they fit but I would have been happier with a larger size as I do not like to wear skin tight jeans. I really liked them and almost talked myself into keeping them on the fact I would need to lose 5-10 pounds to pull them off, But even at the cheaper price point of only $78 for jeans I just couldn't do it knowing I would have to lose a little weight in order to feel comfortable. They looked fine but I just felt weird in them, almost like a "hooker" or something. I sent them back. 

Jeans that are not too long... YES! 

I felt like I was showcasing EVERYTHING was very uncomfortable! 

Pixley Avi Open Drape Cardigan- $78 
WooHoo... My stylist is AWESOME! She listened and perhaps even reviewed my blog posts and requests for a smaller size on open cardigans and sent a perfect cardigan. I loved EVERYTHING about this piece. It was a great length that could be dressy or casual. It featured a very on-trend pattern of Aztec and various color blend combinations as well as a dressier layered option as it opened up in the front. It fit great and I loved it... but I was sweating already in my 70* air-conditioned house and I knew it just would not work. It was too heavy and thick for Houston winters. Maybe if I lived back in Oklahoma but down here... if I am sweating just trying it on, it will NEVER work. I sent it back for that sole reason. 

The overall look of the cardigan and jeans!

Loved this one but it was just too hot! 

Such a bummer but again... If I am sweating just trying on then it will never work for me and Houston temps! 

Final Review 
So my 6th Stitch Fix was a swing and a miss as I sent back ALL of the items they sent and lost my $20 style fee. I was very upset at this as the last few fixes I have only kept 1 item and often it was because I felt I HAD TO to not lose my $20. This service just may not be for me. I am a bargain shopper and RARELY do I splurge and purchase expensive clothing items. I know this service has worked well for others but I am not sure if it is for me. I do not have time to shop for myself very often but I feel like I would rather wait 2-3 months to shop and get LOTS of items at great price points instead of only getting 1-2 items at higher prices. I am sad that it is not for me but I have to be realistic. I have challenged myself to lose the 15 pounds I have gained from stress and etc this school year by my 1/2 marathon in early March. If I do in fact achieve this goal then I will have my 7th FIX shipped... If not, then this will have been my last fix and ended on a sad note! 

I think STITCH FIX is a great concept and may work for the hard-working, highly-paid professional women but this teacher salary mama may not become a regular Stitch Fix customer. I hope this helped some of you and I hope some of you try STITCH FIX out because you never know until you try! Don't forget to click my referral link if you are interested in trying! 


God is good... ALL the time! 

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