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Pictorial Review of the Carnival Triumph

The Carnival Triumph 
November 2015 

The Carnival Triumph is a gorgeous ship with very unique decor and color scheme. The Triumph launched in 1999 and since then has had many dry-docks and improvements. It is a Destiny class ship and 893 feet in length. Her gross tonnage is 101,509 and she is a beauty. While she is not our favorite ship, she is still a gorgeous vessel and will certainly get the job done. Here are some pictures from the main passenger areas of the ship. 

Deck 3- Lobby 

The London Dining Room (Mid-ship MDR) 

Display of the day's menu upon entrance. 

London Dining Room

The stairwell leading to the upper deck (Deck 4) of the London Dining Room. 

This dining room was very well lit and decorated. 

The Rome Lounge (deck 3/ bottom level) 

Leading up to the stage of Rome Lounge.

More detailed "world" decor of The Triumph.
This was a door leading into the Rome Lounge!

Loved this added decor in the Atrium Lobby. 

Deck 4- Atlantic

The library... We didn't utilize it but I liked the closed doors and quietness of it!

The Oxford Bar- Deck 4 aft. 

A Grand piano inside Oxford Bar. 

Portraits of important world leaders inside Oxford Bar. 

Deck 5- Promenade 

A view of the Atrium from the Deck 5 stairwell. 

Entrance to the Club Monaco Casino

The Formalities Shop (Candy Store)

Side entrance to the casino
(Easily the least smoky casino we have encountered on any ship)

The EA Sports bar! 

EA Sports Bar scoreboard. 

A view of the back of the Atrium from the FunShops.

The FunShops on the port side
(Carnival gear and general merchandise) 

Deck 5 entrance to the Rome Lounge 

An aeiral view of the Rome Lounge 

Lots of seats and even leg room. 

A view of the Atrium elevators from Deck 5. 

Deck 6- Upper 

Stairwell decorations and pictures between 6 & 7. 

Cabin on Deck 6 
Inside Quad Cabin- Category 4E
The beds made an L shape in the room allowing plenty of space in this small room. 

The other set of beds and glance you see when first walking in the room. 

The corner of the beds had a table and an outlet which made for easy charging of the cellphone. 

The vanity area of the room.
The Carnival Triumph only has refrigerators in the suites... that was a major downer for us. 

Closet #1 (usually is a shelf closet but in this room was a 2nd hanging closet)

Closet #1 did have a full lenghth mirror. 

Closet #2

Closet #3 had a shelf, and a safe on the top...

Closet #3... and the life-jackets on the bottom.
These took up a LOT more space than usual or I have never noticed them as much.
Either way, it was a waste of space. 

Deck 7- Empress 

Stairwell decor between 7 and 8. 

Deck 8 -Veranda

This was one of my favorites on your way to the Lido Deck (between 8 and 9).

Deck 9- Lido 

The Main Pool area featuring Dive in Movies. 

Another picture of the main Lido Deck area. 

The starboard side of the ship as seen from hidden area on deck 9 forward. 

Lounge chair area of Lido Deck 

Main Pool area of Lido Deck as seen from Deck 10.

Deck 10- Panorama

The top of the Atrium ceiling featuring the Globe!
I LOVED this theme! 

The aft area of Deck 10.

Exit of the water slide. The entrance to the slide is on Deck 14. 

Deck 11- Spa

Entrance to Camp Ocean on Deck 11 (2-5 year old area)

The Penguin (2-5 year old) room on Deck 11. 

The Penguin Room on Deck 11. 

Deck 12- Sun 

The Sting Ray (6-8 year old) room on Deck 12. 

Overall, we liked this ship but it will not become our favorite ship or even favorite Carnival ship. The "world traveling" decor and theme is my favorite of all of the decorating themes of any ship but the overall look and design of her, I am not a fan of. I personally think that the staterooms and non-common areas could use an upgrade. The bathroom in our room was made with pink tile and I could definitely tell her age in our state room. 

I absolutely LOVE the Carnival FunShip 2.0 upgrades, like Guy's Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina and literally wish EVERY Carnival ship offered these 2 eateries especially. The Dining Rooms were no different than the Conquest or Magic in decor or appearance but were still very nice. 

The layout of the ship is that of the Conquest class with a closed off 3rd deck and that made it impossible to completely pass through deck 3 but once you figured that out it was a little easier to get around.  

If I was giving her a rating between 1-5, where 5 is the best, I would give her a 3.5The Carnival Triumph offered a lot for kids and families all at a great value. We cruise based off of itinerary, convenience and price and the Triumph fit all 3 of those categories. 

I would recommend The Carnival Triumph to anyone who wants to go on a cruise and have some FUN. When you are sailing the high seas, all you really need is some great food and great friends to hang out with, right? You can find all of that on The Carnival Triumph!

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 Thank you so much for following along and until we meet again... 

Keep Calm and CRUISE ON!  

God is good... ALL the time!

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