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Triumphant Thanksgiving... Sea Day #1

Watch us Sway, Sway 
Friday, November 27, 2015 

Morning- Time to Eat
It proved to be a long night as the wind and rocky seas made it very difficult to sleep. At this time the 2 bottom beds were combined as a King size bed under 1 of the upper bunks. This meant that Chris and I were sleeping parallel to the ship and were swaying left and right all night. I usually like a slight back and forth motion but this was too much. Neither Chris nor I slept very well that night BUT nobody in our cabin got sick, which I cannot say the same for my parent's cabin as Allie got sick in the middle of the night and had to have their room cleaned at 3:00AM. Thank you Lord that my babies were immune to the swaying and did not get sick.

I did ask the room steward to change our beds around if possible so the 4 beds created an L shape in the room. This would give us a lot more space and would help with the swaying as 2 of the beds would be perpendicular to the ship and not parallel. That means that your body would be swaying front to back and not side to side which helps with nausea and sea-sickness. If you or someone in your cabin gets sick easily I would recommend switching the direction of the beds. This can be done on a balcony cabin as well and helped my sister a lot! 

I finally had enough of the swaying and got up to go and get breakfast and enjoy the early morning sunlight. I was too late for the sunrise but the ship was still fairly empty and I was able to enjoy some time to myself before the kids woke up. I went ahead and got a Blue Iguana Breakfast burrito as it was a favorite of mine from our Carnival Conquest 2013 cruise. Once again, those breakfast burritos lived up to their hype in my head and I had a fabulous hand crafted burrito for an early morning snack. I then went to the back of the Lido Deck for viewing the aft while I enjoyed a morning cup of coffee. It was a peaceful and quiet moment where I was able to have my quiet time and praise God for His gorgeous creation. It was quiet possibly the best 20 minutes of the entire cruise and was so peaceful! This is an area of the ship you HAVE to check out at some point! Deck 9 in the very aft of the ship. 

My view for breakfast... even with the ship swaying like crazy, this was magical!

Had to get my morning wake time in and it was GLORIOUS! 

I headed back towards the room and saw Chris getting ready to go jogging. The kids were still asleep so I rushed back to the room before they woke up. I got there and got them ready for the day and we went right back up to the Lido Aft for them to eat their own morning snack of Lucky Charms. My poor kids eat so well during the week and their life at home that something as simple as Lucky Charms was impressive to them! Sad but true!

Breakfast time on the aft! What a beauty!

Luke enjoying those Lucky Charms! 

We headed back to Gigi's room to check on Allie before heading out to explore more of the ship. The kids loved walking on the open decks on 9 & 10 but were not fans of the wind so we stayed inside looking at our pictures. Then we all headed to Brunch around 9:30AM. This was a great meal and we were at the very aft of the ship in the Paris dining room. I love that the Sea Day Brunch is open from 9Am to 1PM so practically EVERYONE has an opportunity for a nice meal in the early part of day! However, this was directly above the engines and the wind and high tide was still posing a problem so Allie was still not feeling well and she did not enjoy it so much. In fact, she had to leave the table early because she was so sick.

Natalie enjoyed viewing the wake while we were at brunch. 

Chris decided to take Natalie to the Camp Ocean for some morning activities she had wanted to do at 10:00AM and I waited with Poppy to get Gigi's dessert to take back to the room. We dumped the desserts in the room and then started to try to find Gigi and Allie. It took us 40 minutes of worrying about poor Allie and wandering around the ship but we found them in the comfy chairs of the lobby. If you are traveling with a large group, I would recommend bringing walkie-talkies to help with communication! 

I then decided to go and find Chris and Luke who were walking around the Lido Deck. Around 11:15AM our cell phone rang and it was Camp Ocean calling to say Natalie wanted to "be with us" and was not feeling well. I immediately got nervous thinking she too was sick. We went and got her and it turns out that there were lots of kids in there feeling the swaying motion of the ship and as a teacher I know that once 1 kid says they don't feel well... they all say it! Nevertheless we got Natalie and decided to go and lay out on Deck 10 and watch the wake of the ship. Natalie and Luke loved the "bubbles" as they called them and laying out on the deck chairs but eventually Luke got cold and hungry so we went to get lunch for us all. Once again Guy's and Blue Iguana did NOT disappoint. I did stand in a 20-30 minute long line for pizza at the Pizza Pirate and once again... it was terrible. Carnival does NOT DO PIZZA WELL! 

Luke said no to pizza but ate all of his cheeseburger. 

Auntie Allie and Natalie lounging around the aft pool. 

Afternoon- Dr. Seuss is on the Loose 
We knew the kids would love the Dr. Seuss parade so we made it a point to do this fun event for our kids. Luke had thrown a major Three Year Old fit during lunch and had to be taken to the room with daddy but he did make it back just in time for the parade. This was a great time of singing and cheering and parading from the very back of the ship to the forward of the ship for the Dr. Seuss Story-time. We were cheering "Dr. Seuss is on the Loose" the whole time while we followed the characters to the Rome Lounge. If you have young kids, be sure to check this event out on the 1st Sea Day! It was lots and lots of FUN for all of us! 

Little Miss is ready for the parade. 

Natalie and I in the Comedy Club waiting for the parade to start. 

Luke came back and we got to carry the Sam I Am sign! 

And Natalie carried the Horton hears a Hoo sign too! 

Climbing down the stairs to get to the Rome Lounge where story time was held. 

Once again, Chris wanted to have fun and show the kids he knew how to do this so he volunteered himself for a small part in the story. He basically had to get the audience involved in the story every 20-30 seconds. It was hilarious and we all enjoyed it. Plus Kirk, the Cruise Director, gave Chris and I a free drink for all of his hard work. This is just a simple reminder... loosen up and have some fun! You're on a CRUISE! 

Kirk, the Cruise Director, getting us all ready for the show and looking for a volunteer. 

And he found CHRIS! This was hilarious! 

Kirk reading the Cat in the Hat during story time. 

Natalie had an absolute BLAST! 

After the parade we wanted to all chill out so we went to the Atrium Lobby where they had great 80s tunes playing and our kids just danced and danced. It was adorable and we all had a great laugh watching them dance up and down the lobby halls!

The face says it all... He was having a GREAT time! 

Crazy and Fun Gigi having fun with her grand-kids! Love this! 

Then it was time for Tea Time. This was held in the Paris Dining Room (the aft MDR) at 3PM on Sea Days. They have fine table linens and hot tea as well as fabulous desserts that are only offered at Tea Time. If you go on any Carnival ship be sure to take 30 minutes out of your sea day to check this out. It will be worth it... trust me! This went incredibly well considering we had a 6 year old and a 3 year old. They both loved steeping their tea and sipping on it with a macaroon in their hands. In fact, their behavior and liking of this event is quite possibly the biggest surprise of the whole cruise.

Natalie is ready for High Tea with the Queen! 

Luke has a way to go but he loves steeping the tea! 

We all were tired and it was too windy to enjoy the upper decks so we tried to go to the room and take a nap but the silence lasted about 10 minutes. We decided to go down to the World's Way area a little early and enjoy some live music. However, Mr. Luke did not want to wear his formal wear (It's OK,... daddy didn't want to either) and his 2nd fit of the day came right before we were supposed to meet the Captain. Chris got him to put his shirt and vest on but he just threw an even bigger fit. He was so tired and THREE years old so it is expected. He did straighten out with a small spanking and we were able to continue with our plans. 

Evening- No Pictures Please
We went ahead and went down to Deck 5 on World's Way to take a few family pictures and get in line to meet the Captain, as it is a tradition of ours! We expected a long line but once we found the Captain and his staff by the 5th Deck stairway there was not a line at all. Most of the other times we have met the Captain it has been in a wide open space but The Triumph was in the stairway and easy to miss. We were able to meet the very friendly Captain and his staff as well as Kirk, the Cruise Director. Kirk then took us back to the Casino Bar where he bought Chris and I a drink. The kids even got to share a Sprite. Thank you Kirk! We really liked him and he is at the top of our favorite Cruise Directors... right behind Corey Rodgers from the Conquest 2013.

Our traditional picture with the Captain.
We even managed to get Luke in there without him knowing it! 

We tried to take a picture with Kirk but again Luke would have none of that! 

The Sprite turned out to be a real issue as Luke spilled it all over his shirt and was very upset as he does not like to be wet. Here came fit #3 of the day. We tried to take a large group picture in front of a Christmas tree but it did not turn out the way would have liked. Poor Luke was crying and throwing a fit the whole time. We had planned on taking multiple pictures that evening but Luke had other plans. We took the one group picture and then I took him back to the room to change clothes. Once he was out of his formal clothes he was much better and we had a very pleasant evening! 

Take 1 on our family picture!

Yep... just not happening! 

Natalie and I took a great one without the boys!

We tried again with the whole family and it is just didn't work!

We proceeded to the London Main Dining Room for the Cruise's only Formal Night. This is always a busy and exciting night in the MDR and we were looking forward to a new American Feast Menu. Luke was in much better spirits and did fine throughout the 2 hour meal. I guess all he needed was food and casual clothes. Allison was still not feeling 100% at dinner but was getting better.

Luke chowing down on his food in his COMFY clothes!
Gotta be honest, Daddy was jealous! 

Time for the 1st dance of the cruise!

And time for some Napkin waving... Again, you're on a cruise!

And Natalie DID... She got up and danced! 

We took a few more pictures as a large group with Luke in his Captain America T-shirt and shorts and the rest of us all decked out and honestly... they are GREAT pictures and super cute! We decided we all wanted to relax like Luke so we all went and changed.

Take 2 on a group picture!
He may have a Captain America shirt on but he is smiling! 

Love this one! 

My parents... So cute! 

My girl who loves to pose and smile!

Formal Night! 

Sister Picture! Love you Allie! 

Due to the swaying and rocking of the ship they had to cancel the Wonderful World dancing show to be held in the main theater, the Rome Lounge, and replaced it with a Comedy Show (PG and Family Friendly). We were excited about his as I really like comedy, especially if it is family friendly. Carnival is very good about getting comedians who can be funny without cursing or talking about inappropriate topics. I highly suggest going to the PG comedy shows. You will get in a few laughs at the very least. We heard 2 comedians, one of whom we heard on The Magic in June 2015, who were funny and joked about how good kids had it these days! Even Natalie laughed a little. 

Afterwards Luke wanted to "walk around the ship" as it became his favorite pastime of the 4 days. We tried to walk the Lido deck but it was once again too windy so we decided to come in and get a late night snack in the deli. This deli was easily the best deli we have experienced on any Carnival ship. It is on the Port side of Deck 9 and just hidden enough to not get as noticed as other food venues. The turnaround time of making the sandwiches was very impressive. We, especially the kids, thoroughly enjoyed this dining option. The kids also got an ice cream cone and poor Luke was so tired that he practically fell asleep on the cone.

We decided it was late enough that we could go to bed and once again we were in the room and asleep by 11:30PM. Luke did fall off the bed this evening as he was trying to get comfortable to go to sleep. The rails on the sides of the top beds do not cover the length of the bed so he fell off the head portion but do be advised that little ones can fall off. I would recommend getting extra pillows for that area of the bed to avoid this problem. Luke was fine after some hugs and kisses from mommy but I did notice he slept in the middle of the bed the rest of the trip. 

Despite all of the fit throwing, we all had a great day and the kids did remarkably well considering all of the outside activities like the water slide, pools and hot tubs were closed due to the high winds. Tomorrow the kids will get to go to a foreign country for the first time and experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We cannot wait! 

Next Up... Cozumel and Mr. Sancho's Beach Club 

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