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American Table Menu Review- Kellie

Mixing it Up a Little Bit
Carnival Triumph- November 26-30, 2015
American Table Menu Reviews via Kellie

Thursday, November 26th

Lunch- Guy's Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina 
Super Melty Cheese- 5.0

Cannot be beaten on ANY cruise ship... EVER! 

Blue Iguana Customized Burrito (featuring pork carnitas and guacamole)- 4.5
These are incredible and we LOVE them!

Pre-Dinner Appetizer- The Taste Bar 
featuring Blue Iguana 

The Taste Bar offerings for this sailing.
Notice they do not serve on Port Days!

Taste Bar Menu for Blue Iguana 

Pork Carnitas and Tortilla soup- 4.0

"The Cruiser" drink-4.5+
 Incredible and a great 1st day value at $8.95 (plus 15% gratuity added to ALL drinks)!

Dinner- Thanksgiving Feast in the London Dining Room 
The Thanksgiving Feast Menu 

The Kids Menu Night #1

The Wine package and Cocktail menus for Night #1

Oysters Rockefeller- 4.5

Crab, Tuna and Tomato Salad- 4.5+
WOW... Crab salad was PERFECTION!

Mac N Cheese Fritters- 3.5 

Main Entrees
New York Strip Steak- 4.0
Perfect cut of meat and cooked well but nothing TOO special. 

Creamed Spinach- 0.5
Yeah... disgusting!

Ratatouille- 3.5
You only live once... It was tasty but nothing special!

Whipped Pineapple- 4.0

AND it was sugar free... SCORE!

The Thanksgiving Feast offered by Carnival was unique and different. It offered a menu ranging from traditional "Turkey Tom" and ham to New York Strip steaks and even some vegetarian offerings! It was a GREAT way to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner!

Friday, November 27, 2015- Sea Day #1

Breakfast- Blue Iguana Cantina
A Mexican Fiesta Breakfast Burrito-4.0

(featuring Mexican Eggs and Hash browns) 

Brunch- Sea Day Brunch in Paris Dining Room

The Carnival Triumph Sea day Brunch Menu 

The community bread basket- 4.0

Extra fancy dedicates and pastries. 

Flaming Tomato Soup- 4.0
I read reviews describing as best tomato soup ever... I was not that impressed. 

Made to order Omelet- 4.5
These NEVER disappoint! 

Short stack of Pancakes- 4.0
The dish is served with 4 but you can ask for just 2. 

Banana Cream Pie- 5.0
The BEST dessert on the ship!

Lunch- Lido Deck Favorites 
featuring Blue Iguana Tacos and Pirate Pizza 

Pepperoni Pizza-2.5

This is not worth the 20-30 minute wait!

Blue Iguana Pork Tacos- 4.5

Dinner- London Main Dining Room

The NEW American Feast (Short cruise/ 3-5 nights) menu

In September 2015, Carnival took the Lobster off of this menu but we still enjoyed it very much!

The American Feast kids menu

The American Feast desserts menu

Broiled Sea Scallops- 4.0
The risotto that accompanied was fantastic.
The scallops were chewy... I was somewhat disappointed!

Stuffed Mushrooms- 4.0

Main Entrees
Blue Crab Ravioli- 2.5
Weird... would be my description!
Without the Lobster on the menu, I was looking forward to this the most and I was disappointed. 

Oven Baked Japanese Sea Bass- 2.0
The olive capers that accompanied was odd flavored and the fish was dry! 

Chilled Strawberry Bisque- 4.5

(from the appetizer portion of the menu)

Vanilla Creme Brulee'- 4.5

Late Night Snack- Carnival Triumph Deli
Triumph Deli Menu.

This simple menu really hit the spot for those late night snacks! 

The grilled cheese was our favorite for sure! 

Saturday, November 28, 2015 

Breakfast- Lido Aft Buffet

Lunch- Lido Aft Buffet and Chopsticks
Various Buffet Options- 3.5

Typical Carnival buffet but featuring Fish Crepes and a yummy Mediterranean panini. 

Guy's Burger Joint "The Ringer"- 5.0
Their BEST burger and absolutely INCREDIBLE! 

Dinner- London Dining Room
American Table Menu Night #3 Appetizers and Wines

American Table Menu Night #3 Mains

American Table "Port of Call"- Cozumel Menu 

American Table Menu Night #3 Desserts
(Pie was Peach)

Featured "Cajun" Flat Bread- 4.0

Braised Rabbit- 3.0

Greek Salad- 5.0
The best GREEK salad I have ever had and best salad on any Carnival ship.

Main Entrees
Crisp Portobello Mushrooms- 4.0

One of the oddest combinations I have ever had, even on a cruise ship, but good. 

Street Tacos- 4.5
Coming from a Tex-Mex addict, these were done VERY well! 

Kids Brownie Sundae- 3.5

The Brownies were hard and same as offered on Lido. 

I was hoping for fresher and better!

Buttered Popcorn Pot de Creme- 4.5
My mom kept going on about this and she had a right to... IT WAS AMAZING!
It sounds weird but is OH SO GOOD! 

Sunday, November 29, 2015- Sea Day #2 

Breakfast- Dr. Seuss Breakfast/ London Dining Room
Dr. Seuss Character Breakfast Menu 

Dr. Seuss Character Breakfast Menu 

Belgium Waffles- 3.5
VERY sweet!

Truffula Tree Pancakes- 4.5

Eggs your Way (Custom Omelet)- 4.5

Green Eggs and Ham- 4.5

Even Luke liked them!

Cat in the Hat Yogurt Parfait- 3.0

Lunch- Lido Deck Favorites
Featuring Guy's Burger Joint and Blue Iguana

The Ringer- 5.0

Dinner- London Dining Room
American Table Menu Night #4 Appetizers and Wines 

American Table Menu Night #4 Mains

American Table Menu "Port of Call" Western Caribbean Menu (Night #4)

American Table Menu Night #4 Desserts
(Pie was Cherry)

French Onion Soup- 3.0

Featured Flatbread- 3.5
BBQ themed and a great combo. 

Caprese Salad- 3.0
This time it had too much balsamic dressing. 

Main Entrees
Tiger Shrimp Creole- 5.0+ 
Easily the BEST main entree of the entire cruise and at the top of my BEST EVER cruise dishes!

Incredible flavor and texture!

Ricotta Ravioli- 3.0

I did not like it as much but Luke LOVED it! 

Mac n Cheese with Bacon- 4.5+
This was INCREDIBLE and only offered on certain nights!
Order it... Just do it! Trust me

Cherry Pie- 4.0
This was not your everyday "cherry pie filling" pie!
It was very tasty!

Banana White Chocolate Bread Pudding-3.0
This was disappointing and WEIRD!
(Forgot to take a picture as I was eating in our room)

As far as eating goes, this cruise was all about trying out the new American Table menu and what they had to offer in the realm of food. We found some great dishes and some we were disappointed in. We categorized our favorite appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts, as well as ship wide favorite and biggest surprise. This menu offered some MAJOR disappointments but it also had some MAJOR SURPRISES! 

Carnival Triumph Bests and Favorites
Best Appetizer- Crab, Tuna and Tomato Salad
Best Main Dish (MDR)- Tiger Shrimp Creole
Best Side Dish (MDR)- Mac N Cheese with Bacon 
Best Dessert (MDR)- Buttered Popcorn Pot de Creme

Ship Wide Favorite Food Item- Guy's Burger Joint "The Ringer" Burger 
Ship-Wide Biggest Surprise- Buttered Popcorn Pot de Creme
Ship-Wide Biggest disappointment- 
Blue Crab Ravioli- 2.5
I think a lot of this had to do with the fact I truly wanted lobster but it was not offered so this was the next best thing... It turned out to be just another Red Lobster style of ravioli)

It has been fun enjoying and blogging about all of these lavish meals. It will take me a month just to get rid of the pounds I gained while on board! BUT... It was worth it and I deserved it! I cannot wait to get back on board in March and try out a new cruise line's offerings. The Caribbean Princess will be different I am sure and I better start dieting NOW to get ready for that one! 

Thanks for following... I hope this does not leaving starving! 

God is good... ALL the time!

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  1. Tks for taking the time to do a review.... As far as dining snacks etc... which one are at an additional cost? Tks George

    1. The Steakhouse onboard is $35/pp. Also the "steakhouse" menu in the MDR is $20/ per entree I believe but we never did either of these. There is good enough food throughout the ship to not have to dig into your pockets yet again! I hope this helps!