Saturday, October 8, 2011

IPhone Thoughts

So for about 15 months now I have been eligible for a phone upgrade and wanted an IPhone. I wanted one way back when there was the IPhone 3. I watch all my fellow teachers at school and friends get the new and awesome IPhone 4 on the day and week it came out and just suffered through it. I kept saving money for an IPhone and the cost of only having one family income would take my savings to pay for something else.

Finally this summer I went to get an IPhone 4 and the customer service agent at the AT&T store told there was a rumor that Apple was going to get a new IPhone out in the fall. This was in mid-August so I took his thoughts on the rumor and went home. I had waited that long (About 13 months at that time) and I figured I could wait a few more weeks and months. From that moment on, EVERY time I went to the mall I would go to the Apple store and see if they knew anything new. Of course these guys would not even admit there was a new anything coming out. I guess that was part of what Apple wanted was to create a mass hysteria of paranoia for a new IPhone. Of course, at each of these trips, I never got any information and was left frustrated and feeling impatient to get this "new IPhone 5?!?!" I was told it would be launched in early October and then arrive in mid-October.

Earlier this week I got a text from my sister Allison that Apple said they would have the "World Wide Announcement" on Tuesday, October 4. I called Apple and AT&T just as soon as my planning time started on that day. Now I am sure you all know that the IPhone Apple was launching was the "New IPhone 4S" (Almost a twin sister of the already existing IPhone 4).

So I have researched this new IPhone 4S and I am not impressed at all. Basically for the $199 or even $299 that I would pay for a large GB IPhone... I would be getting a bigger screen. I am just not sure I want to spend that money just to have the new thing. There have been times my husband tells me that I "have to have the 'in thing' at the moment and are just paying for a name". I think I will take his constant advice and just get the IPhone 4 and not the new IPhone 4S. I am sure just like the IPhone 3 did when the IPhone 4 came out... the existing IPhone 4 will go down in price. I hope to be blogging and doing all my social networking and what not from my new IPhone 4 in the coming weeks and/or months*.

*- You never know what financial nightmares will come your way... read my previous post if you are curious!
Overall... I think the new IPhone 4S is a bust. I think all of America agrees with me. I do send my thoughts and prayers to Steve Job's family during their loss. Steve Jobs was a genius and he will be missed.

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