Monday, October 17, 2011

My Deep Fried Weekend

This weekend Chris, Natalie and I went to Dallas for a banquet on Saturday night for Chris' sister D'Ann's ministry. We decided we would leave town early and go to the Texas State Fair on Saturday morning before the banquet on Saturday night. We ended up going to the State Fair with my sister "Auntie Allison" and Gigi Shirley and Poppi. We had a blast and I wish Houston had some type of fair in town.

Natalie rode several rides at the Kiddie Park including a animal train and the teacup ride. She loved the train and got to ride it with Auntie Allie. She rode the spinning teacups with Gigi Shirley and I am pretty sure she did not like that one as much. She kept her head buried in Gigi's lap the entire ride. When she came out and I asked her if she liked it she said "Yes" but when I asked her if she wanted to ride it again she said "NO"!

We also were able to go through a little maze like activity called the Little Hands Farm. This was fascinating because it allowed the kiddos to act like a real farmer. Natalie got to plant seeds and grow pretend vegetables, feed the chickens and the cows with corn and other pretend food, milk a pretend cow and process its' milk and even ride a John Deer Tractor (Which she loved!!!!).

It was a great learning experience. I am not sure if Natalie understood all of it but she did learn somethings because on our way home that afternoon she talked about the cows and feeding them.

Now one of the main reasons I so desperately wanted to go to the State Fair was for all of the food. I have been to the Oklahoma State Fair almost every year we lived in Oklahoma but I have not been to the Texas State Fair since I played in The Pride and we were there for the OU/texas game in 2003. I remember so well the Fletcher's Corn Dogs and other fried foods. This year we tried many fried foods including:

Fletcher's Foot Long Corn Dog
Fried Guacamole Bites
Fried Oreos
Fried Cheesecake
There is NOTHING like a true "State Fair" Fletcher's Corn dog. They did not disappoint and it was fabulous. The fried guacamole bites were amazing and I cannot believe more Mexican restaurants around here do not do this. They were basically avocado, salsa and cheeses that they mixed up and then dipped and batter and fried. Wow... THEY WERE YUMMY!!! As usually the fried Oreos were my favorite and I think if we end up frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving, we are going to have to explore making these on our own! They were DELICIOUS!!!!! The fried cheesecake was OK but I am not a fan of cheesecake anyway so the whole idea and taste did not impress me. Allison loved it and wished she would have had more coupons to get another one.

We were unable to locate the Deep Fried Chips and Salsa, Deep Fried Pineapple Upside Down Cake or the Deep Fried Twinkies booths. I have had the fried Twinkies at the Oklahoma State Fair and I was anxious to get one on Saturday but it did not happen. The fried chips and salsa and the Pineapple Upside Down cake were the 2 winners of the annual contest for fried foods for the State Fair so Allison and I really wanted to try them but we did not find them. Maybe next year!!!

Overall, the fair was really exciting and I know Natalie LOVED it! She talked about the animals and cows all afternoon and even a little on our way home to Houston. Of course, she still associates Auntie Allie with "the beach" due to our last excursion when Auntie Allie came to visit but she still loved going to the fair and then having her very first sleepover at Auntie Allie's! Thanks Auntie Allie and Mom and Dad for such a wonderful and memorable weekend!

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