Friday, October 21, 2011

There is no mountain to tall...

God can not move it.

I wrote a previous post about the song "He Will Carry You" last week and the impact it is making on my life and the present time. This song has been in my head each and every day this week and for quite some time. The words and lyrics of this song are so powerful and TRUE!

Chris and I are currently living with his parents while we try to get our house in Shawnee, OK sold. (That is one of our "mountains" that needs moving at the present time) I got an email today from our realtor that they showed it last night and hope something will come out of it. They are also going to have an additional open house this coming Sunday. I have been praying for 4 months for our house to sell so Chris, Natalie and I can officially start "our new chapter" of life in here in Houston. I can hear my father and grandfather saying "Keep the Faith, Kellie. God is in Control". I know God will provide for my family and I and this mountain will eventually be moved.
As my dad would say... "This is a trust thing!"

Dear God,
I trust you and I know You will move this mountain in Your timing! Thank you Lord for Your continued blessings.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for the sell of our house! Thank you!

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