Friday, April 20, 2012

I guess he wants to make a BIG entrance!

Thursday, April 19, 2012
4D Ultrasound Take Two

I went in today for a second chance on a 4D ultrasound. I had tried this at week 28 but it was a little early according to the Ultrasound technician. She mentioned coming at the very end of the 4 week window (Weeks 28-32) for best results. I had asked my parents to come with me 3 weeks ago since Chris was not able to come but this time Chris was able to come with me. In fact he ended up cancelling his baseball practice in order to come. I know this was very important to him and I surely appreciated it. We also decided to take Natalie along with us and try to get her to see her baby brother.

When we arrived at the hospital/ medical center for the ultrasound, Natalie IMMEDIATELY started to fuss and cry thinking we were going to HER doctor. She kept screaming saying "No doctor, mommy. No doctor". It was sad. We kept telling her that this was Mommy's doctor and she was not going to get a shot or anything like that. We kept telling her she was going to be able to see baby Luke and she just wouldn't let up. While we were in the waiting room she was just crying and crying. Chris said "Natalie, stop crying. You are giving these other women second thoughts." That gave EVERYONE a good laugh, well except Natalie! We tried giving her a sucker, candy, peek-a-boo and eventually just gave her my iPhone and she played with the animal flashcards.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for the technician to complete previous appointments that were running late. This seemed like FOREVER since Natalie was not very happy. When she finally called us back into the room, Natalie was still playing with my iPhone but still crying. When we got to the room, I laid down on the table and Natalie stopped crying. She noticed I was showing my belly and she immediately said "Baby Luke is in mommy's tummy". It was really sweet. The ultrasound tech gave her disclaimer speech and then began the process. As soon as the 2D image of Luke came up on the screen, Natalie literally dropped the phone (Luckily daddy caught it) and said "Baby Luke!". She then was fascinated with Baby Luke and him on the screen. She said "There is Baby Luke. He's my brother". The tech was having a great laugh at her and would point out the features we could see.

Unlike last time, Luke was actually in a position to where he was facing us and the 4D ultrasound would have actually worked. However, he was sucking his thumb most of the time and both of his hands and arms were in front of his face. The tech poked around at me and even had Natalie try to talk to Luke to get him to shift but he was comfy! He continued to suck his thumb and keep his arms and hands in front of his face.

After about 15 minutes the tech said that was the best she could do. She also informed us that at 31.5 weeks, I was at the very end of the 4D window and if he was this squished and crowed at 31 weeks he would continue to be crowed and I would never get that "4D" picture I was seeking. I greatly appreciated her honesty and help!

I am a little disappointed that we were not able to get the 4D picture. We didn't do this with Natalie because money was tight and we didn't have the means to pay for such a luxury (They were a lot more expensive at that time... about $300 instead of $100). But I am very grateful that not only did Chris and Natalie get to see Baby Luke but my parents were also able to come down and see this fascinating technology and my baby boy! This was my 4th overall ultrasound (2D and 4D) and Mr. Luke has NEVER been cooperative in getting a good picture of him. I guess he just wants to make a BIG entrance!

This was the best shot we got and this was at 28 weeks and 2 days!
What a beautiful gift from God.

I cannot wait to see my little guy and I only have about 7 weeks left! It is amazing how time flies! I am so gracious to God for this blessing of a baby boy and being able to share this time in my life with my family, parents and in-laws!

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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