Friday, April 20, 2012

My Husband: Days of Thankfulness- Part 3

I really am a very lucky girl in the fact that I have a loving husband who not only cares for me and my health but the health of our child(ren). Yesterday, I was scheduled to go in for a 2nd chance at capturing a 4D picture of Baby Luke via 4D ultrasound. I had scheduled this a few weeks ago in hopes that Chris would be able to take off of baseball practice and be able to come. On Wednesday, Chris found out that he was going to have to run 2 practices on Thursday due to a re-scheduling of a Varsity Baseball game. I had told him it was not a big deal and I would try to re-schedule or just not go at all. I did not want him to have to "bend over backwards" for something as small as an ultrasound.

I called yesterday and tried to reschedule but due to my late notice, I was not able to cancel without paying so I decided to keep the appointment and go alone. At about 2:30 Chris called me and told me he had cancelled the after school practice in order for him to go. Again, I told him that it was not a big deal and it was not necessary for him to do that. He said "This is important to me". That statement alone meant a lot to me and I really appreciated him coming. In fact, thanks to him and his supervision of Natalie during the actual ultrasound, we were able to take Natalie to see her baby brother. This was very special and she talked about it all night!

I am very grateful to have such a wonderful and caring husband who would clear his schedule to come and see me and his unborn child. That was a true blessing to me and I really appreciate it!

I love you Chris Davis and thank you for being such an amazing husband!

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