Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prenatal Visit #8

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
"Just get out of here"
(Don't assume the worst)

Today I went in for my 30 week OB appointment and check-up. The previous 2 weeks or so have been unbelievably stressful and full of headaches (Literally and figuratively) and turmoil. Keep in mind that over the weekend, Chris and I had been given an offer on our house but it was too low and was going to cost us alot of money. By today, we had made a counter-offer and were just awaiting the news of them accepting or declining our counter. I did not sleep last night hardly at all just worrying and thinking about the whole house situation. That alone has put alot of stress on Chris and I as well as our marriage. My whole life, the thing that I have hated the most about just about anything is the "hurry-up and wait" game.

In addition to that personal/ home-life stress, it was this time last week that I found out that I had not passed the 1st 1 hour glucose test for my pregnancy. I had took the test on March 27th for my 28 week OB and had not heard back from them and my doctor had said "No news is GOOD news... we will call if there is a problem". So the weekend of March 31st we had family in town and I ate like a 7 month pregnant woman would. On Tuesday, April 3 my nurse FINALLY called and said "Oh yeah... you failed the 1st test. You need to come in and take the 3 hour tolerance test on Friday (April 6th)." So I am a little upset at the delay in telling me about this. I would have been a lot more cautious. Needlesstosay, I took the 3 hour tolerance test on Friday and there I was today waiting to hear the results.

It all started with the typical weight check and blood pressure check. Funny thing is that this time I actually LOST 2 lbs. I thought that was weird since I am 30 weeks and in my 3rd trimester but then again READ THE ABOVE! Hahaha... anyway the weight was not an issue at this time. Before the nurse took my blood pressure I warned her I had not got alot of rest last night, had been anxious all day and just overall stressed. This disclaimer didn't really matter because my BP was 110/70. This is a little lower than usual but no a problem at all. She used the "Doppler" to check Luke's heart rate and it was steady and STRONG at 140 bpm. Listening to that seemed to make all my stress, worries and cares just melt away.

She was about to the leave the room when I just blurted out somewhat loudly, "Where are the blood results from Friday (I just couldn't wait anymore)". She then told me that I had failed 2 of the 4 blood works and showed me the numbers and told me Dr. Markos would be in the room in a few minutes to discuss the whole thing. Well... This started the waterworks. I just lost it right then and there. I texted my mom (I would have preferred to call but the Dr usually comes in within minutes) and told her and just sat on the table and cried for about 10 minutes. I then collected my thoughts and just waited. AGAIN WITH THE WAITING GAME... I was getting frustrated at this point.

Finally, Dr. Markos came in after about 20 minutes and started to go over my chart. He checked for any swelling as well as measured my belly. This time instead of meausing 2 weeks ahead... I was only measuring about 5 days ahead at 31 weeks. Of course, I have been feeling that poor Luke is running out of room for a while so I guess that is the case. Then Dr. Markos looked at my blood work chart and said "OK these are negative for Gestational Diabetes and you passed 3 out of 4. You failed the 2 hour draw by 4 points but the other 3 you passed with flying colors." I kinda sat there bewildered for a minute and very much dazed and confused. He then wanted to check my blood sugar right then and there (with a diabetic finger pricker) to see what the number was. He left to get the nurse so she could do this.

Another 15 minutes passed and the nurse came back and took my blood sugar reading and it was 71. I had not eaten since 11am so it had been 5 hours since I ate ANYTHING but Dr. Markos said that didn't matter. He came back in the room and gave me a salute. I looked at him oddly and said "So..." and he replied "You are good to go. No Diabetes and we will check again in 2 weeks." I then went into Kellie mode and began asking my list of questions. He told me the nurses have the wrong chart on their blood work handouts and that all my numbers were fine from the blood test and the numbers from today's check were perfect. I began to ask more questions and he looked at me and said "Just get out of here... YOU ARE FINE!" I kinda laughed and thanked him. He told me that he would check my Blood Sugar again in 2 weeks and I would need to eat about 2 hours before that check.

So even though I was a little confused and I had texted my mom that I did have GD and she then texted

In the midst of all the stress, crying, sleeplessness and turmoil of my life this past week... little Luke put it all into perspective for me. His heartbeat was so steady and beautiful. God has given me the most perfect gift of a baby boy and I need to stop and thank Him for this gift and not worry about all the small things going on right now. All I have ever wanted is a little boy and here I have been given that gift and I am focusing on other minor things instead of this gift. God's continuous MERCY and GRACE are remarkable and I cannot thank Him enough for that.

God is Good... All the Time!

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