Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prenatal Visit #9

Monday, April 23, 2012
"ETA: 7 Weeks"

Today I went in for my 32 week OB appointment. This was just a routine 2 week check-up and it turned out to be very pleasant and uneventful. Although I did get to see my doctor (the one that will be cutting me open) learn something new but more on that later.

It began with a weight and blood pressure check. I gained 1.5 pounds this past two weeks which puts me over the 25 pound mark. This made me tear up a bit standing on the scale since I was REALLY hoping I would hold steady at just 25 pounds gained. Of course if these tears would have just weighed 2-3 pounds each, that would not have been a problem! Nonetheless, according to my doctor I am doing perfectly in the weight department and much lower overall than I was with Natalie as well as gaining at a slower and more steady speed than with Natalie. Either way... I see a long and miserable diet ahead of me soon! My blood pressure was 110/73 and very normal for me.

After the nurse checked these items, she also checked my exact dates and other calendar questions and then said "Well, June 12th... does that sound like a good day to have a baby?" I was not expecting them to set an actual date until my 34 week OB appointment so it caught me a little off-gaurd. I told her that was the date we all had in our minds since day one and that would be great. She then went to the phones to try to secure that date with the Labor and Delivery department downstairs.

She came back after about 5 minutes and said "June 12th it is. I will try to get the 1st surgery of the day which would be 7:30am. Is that ok?" I said sure thinking 7:30 was about 1 hour after I usually get to work so that sounded great. The nurse then said "You will have to be here at 5am"! WHOA... WHOA...WHOA... 5am? Umm lets try to move that if possible please! I explained to the nurse that my last day of school is June 8th so I would LOVE to have the surgery a little later if possible. She told me she would get a definite time by my next appointment but June 12th was set in stone... That is of course if I dont go into labor sooner! HAHAHA... me? I carried Natalie Grace 43 WEEKS! HAHAHA... Sooner? I dont think so!!!

In the meantime I waited for Dr. Markos to come in and do his part of the visit. After about a 10 minute wait, he came in and checked for swelling (It is beginning to happen... YIKES), checked my measurements and then asked if the nurse had taken the baby's heartbeat using the "doppler". I was measured at 32 weeks which is the first time in about 2 months that I have had the correct measurement for the actual week I am on! I asked Dr. Markos about that and he said "That usually happens and there is no need for alarm". He then went and got the "doppler" out to check for Luke's heartbeat. He was able to find it ALOT quicker than the nurse usually does and Luke's heart was beating 144 bpm. Dr. Markos then jabbed at Luke a little bit (This was a little uncomfortable for me) and said "Wake up boy!". I then felt Luke kick and then Dr. Markos found his heartbeat again and it was 160 bpm. Dr. Markos laughed and said "I just love boys!" This whole process was a little weird to me but I am glad to have such a fun doctor.

It was then time to prick my finger to do a triple... no make that a quadruple check on my blolod sugar level and to check for gestational diabetes. Dr. Markos said "Tricia (the nurse) will have to do that. I dont know how". I found this odd since #1. he is a doctor! and #2. he is going to cut me open in just 7 short weeks to take out my child BUT CANT USE A DIABETES MACHINE! I had to laugh a little. So he left to go and get the nurse and after about 15 minutes she still had not come back. I hear him talking to her in the hall about how to use the blood glucose machine and checking how to prick my finger. I am in the room (With the door open) just laughing histerically. He comes in and smiles and says "I am learning something new today... bare with me." I just smiled and was still giggling inside. He then started to talk to himself about the steps to take and FINALLY pricked my finger and took my blood glucose level. It turned out to be at 68 which is PERFECT for a 2-3 hour wiat after eating. He then said "NO Diabetes! Good job!" I was VERY happy and excited and relieved all at the same time. He told me to continued to watch what I eat and my caloric intake but I was secretly in my head already planning the next 7 weeks of sugars and eating before I have to start on that overwhelming diet I mentioned above!

All in all... It was a GREAT check-up! I now have an OFFICIAL ETA on Baby Luke and I cannot wait to meet him. I must say that it is a very WEIRD feeling to know the exact date and even time my little man will arrive. Since having to wait and wait AND WAIT for little Natalie... I am not really sure what to think. All I know is... I BETTER GET TO WORK! Nothing is ready!!!!

God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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