Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Faith That Increases

Patricia L. Klingsick
July 10, 1929- May 25, 2015 

My Grandma Pat was always a role model for my sister and I growing up but it was not until her passing did I really understand what a true model of God she really was. As a young child I used to always see her as the prim and proper grandma who always presented not only herself but her family, children and overall household well. She never went out of the house without makeup on and her hair fixed. These two would follow her all the way to her passing as just days before she passed she got her "hair did" at the beauty salon inside her Senior Living Apartment Complex, Georgetown. As I continued to grow and mature I began to see that she was not all about hair and makeup. In fact, she was the true definition of a submissive and support wife and Godly mother. 

Her and my Grandpa were married for 51 years before he began walking the streets of gold in November 2005. During their 51 years of marriage she was always serving him and going above and beyond as Mrs. Klingsick. I remember Grandpa having his socks or shoes laying out in the living room and instead of asking him to pick them up or nagging him, she would just pick them up and put them away... without saying ANYTHING. As I ponder about this now (having been married for just shy of 10 years), I am truly inspired. In fact, as I was reliving these memories and explaining them to Chris and he immediately responds "Hey, if that is your definition of a perfect marriage, then sign me up. I will start to leave my stuff out all the time" (There he goes again, always making me laugh). 

Grandma Pat was always cooking for Grandpa and often times she did not even care for the dishes she cooked but he did so she would make them, serve them and eat them with a smile. She would then continued to serve after the meal was complete by cleaning, again not asking for helping or nagging him to help clean up. She would just do it, with a smile on her face and service in her heart. Of course, Grandpa was at the fore-front of the manual labor in the household as he was continuously repairing things, planting his garden and so much more.

She was always cautious about making decisions and would say "Let me ask Grand-Dad (as she called him)" before committing to anything or voicing any family opinions. She was extremely obedient of the book of Ephesians and was submissive to my grandfather their entire marriage. Their marriage worked so well and I never saw them get upset or even frustrated with each other. And even before I got married, and more so now, they were one of the examples I wanted to be like in my own marriage. 

Both her and Grandpa read their Bibles daily and had their quiet time before they did anything else. I can remember waking up and going into the kitchen to find Grandma Pat reading and praying at the kitchen table and then finding Grandpa sitting in his chair in the living room doing the same thing. "I'm hungry Grandma", I would say and she would respond "Just a minute dear, I am reading my Bible and praying". I am sure at the time I would roll my eyes like an attitude-filled teenager but now I tear up thinking about how strong her faith really was. When it did finally come time for breakfast, or any meal for that matter, when it was her time to pray, you knew EVERYONE was getting prayed for. She would literally list them all by name.. from her kids, to grand-kids, to the neighbors kids and grand-kids. Even the missionaries on the magnets on the refrigerator were prayed for daily. They all got prayed for EACH AND EVERY MORNING! 

Her and my Grandpa raised 4 red-headed honery boys and in this field too (Motherhood), she soared above all the rest. Her and my grandfather raised these boys very well and their legacy has been passed on to future generations through these 4 boys. She sang in the choir with Grandpa and she would tell you "I cannot sing, but I can make a joyful noise". She taught Sunday School for years and attended Pleasantview Baptist Church with Grandpa and her four boys. She was a dedicated member of the care committee as she was continuously serving others as an example for Christ. She would make food, especially pies, to take to families who had lost a loved one or were in the hospital. Even during my childhood days of visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Derby for just a few short days, I remember helping her make pies and cakes and then taking them to Pleasantview with Grandpa for a needing family.  My sister, Allison, and I remember visiting her as teenagers and finding her in the kitchen making pies and listening to old Country music on the radio. Just singing and cooking away. She was always serving, rather it be in the church or at the house.

She became a Believer of Christ later in life but from the day she accepted Christ her Faith just continued to grow and grow. She lived a full life with Grandpa, watched her 4 boys grow and start families on their own and in November 2005 my Grandpa joined the ranks in Heaven. Her faith was strong before but it was at that moment that she truly became mine and so many others' HERO. She became a widow on November 15, 2005 and from that day forward she grew stronger and stronger and her faith increased. On May 22, 2012 her 3rd oldest grandchild and military hero Jeffery Klingsick passed away unexpectedly yet her Faith continued to grow. She was perhaps one of the strongest people at that funeral and emotional family time... Her Faith Increased.  Then shortly after that her only remaining living brother, O.D., passed away in September 2012. Still during this time and at that memorial service she was strong and confident in her own faith and the faith of those whom had passed. Yet again, her faith increased! 

In late 2014 Grandma Pat began to get seriously ill with pneumonia and other issues but despite being in the hospital and even worse, the rehab unit, for multiple days, weeks and in some cases months, she continued to be strong and her faith increased. On Monday morning May 25, 2015 Grandma Pat woke up and took her medicine and ate a few bites of breakfast before telling her nurse that she wanted to go back to bed. She was at peace and it was at that moment at nearly 9AM she went to be with The Lord. As she traveled down the road of life, instead of her faith decreasing, it was constantly INcreasing.

Her Obituary  

Klingsick, Patricia L., 85, passed away Monday, May 25, 2015. Visitation 6-8 p.m. Friday, May 29, at Smith Family Mortuary, 1415 N. Rock Rd., Derby. Funeral service 10:00 a.m. Saturday, May 30, at Pleasantview Baptist Church, 1335 N. Buckner, Derby. Patricia was a devoted 58-year member of Pleasantview Baptist Church in Derby. She was preceded in death by her loving and faithful husband Gareld Klingsick, her parents, two brothers, and grandson Jeffery Klingsick. Survived by sons Michael Klingsick, Wichita; Ronald (Shirley) Klingsick, Arp, Texas; Russell (Mandy) Klingsick, Derby; Rodney (Debbie) Klingsick, Garden City; grandchildren Kellie, Allison, Nicholas, Jenna, Angellica; great-grandchildren Natalie and Luke; and sister-in-law Claudine Harlow. In lieu of flowers, memorials have been established with the Go Fund (missions) and Super Summer Scholarships, both in care of Pleasantview Baptist Church. 

My dad was officiating a portion of her memorial service and during his sermon he mentioned how she had a Faith that was INcreasing and not DEcreasing. Then he said a phrase that really hit home for me and spoke a true testament of Grandma Pat's life and Faith, "When Jesus is all you have left, He is all you need". Jesus was all Grandma Pat needed that Monday morning, and as much as it hurts to recall these precious memories I have of her and my Grandpa, it brings me great joy to know that they are BOTH holding hands and smiling down on us right now from those pearly gates and streets of gold! 

I love you Grandma Pat and I thank you for being such a GREAT Godly role model for me to follow. I may not have realized it while you were still here with us but you are truly a HERO of mine. I am going to try and strive to be that servant and loving wife that you were. I want my Faith to INcrease with the trials and losses in my life. I have a long way to go and I will never live up to your name and your legacy but I want to certainly try! 

I love you Grandma Pat and I WILL see you soon! 

God is Good... All the time! 

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