Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Happy Birthday Chris- Part 1 
May 2015 

Another year down and another year gone. My hubby, Chris, turned 37 this year and as part of his gift from my parents he was given an Adventure Package which included Kayaking on Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands and a skydiving session at iFly Indoor Skydiving in Spring. We chose to do "A Sunday Kayaking Excursion" with Riva Row Boat House in The Woodlands on Sunday, May 17th. This was a 2 hour private kayaking tour of Lake Woodlands and surrounding areas via kayak.

Thankfully my in-laws (who are absolutely AMAZING and are constantly doing SO MUCH for us) took the kids to church with them on this day so Chris and I could enjoy ourselves and the day. It was a muggy and somewhat wet day but we called and they were still having the excursion despite the rain in the forecast. We arrived at 9:40 for our 10:00AM time and it began to rain, quite heavily I might add, but unless there was lightning in the area the excursion would continue as planned and it did. We had to wait for the other 2 couples to arrive and around 10:25AM we got into our kayaks to begin this adventure. We originally thought we would be in a tandem kayak but when given the offer for a solo kayak we both agreed that would be fun and we decided on solo kayaks. This made for a very adventurous and competitive day ahead.

We are ready to start this ADVENTURE! 

We started out by paddling down the canal from the Riva Row Boat House towards Lake Woodlands which was approximately 1/2 mile down the canal. During this time the guide told us all about the new developments and past developments on the canal as well as a wrap up of the previous day's Ironman Texas events. We were kayaking right where they swam part of the 2.1 mile swim. Once we reached the Lake we saw a small island called Mitchell Island which is currently undeveloped but plans have been made to build housing on this island. The guide told us these lots are currently being sold for 2+ million dollars... FOR THE LOT. There are no houses even built yet! Oh to be that rich!

Just getting started and leaving the Riva Row House. 

Headed down the Canal and passing Mitchell Island. 

We then kayaked underneath a very busy road in The Woodlands called Lake Woodlands Drive and past The Woodlands most familiar park North Shore. This park has been our favorite in The Woodlands since we moved here in 2011. This was neat to be able to see the road and the park from the point of view of a kayak!

I just HAD to take a selfie under the bridge! 

We then ventured over into a more business area of the lake and one that is being developed right now. This included business like Whole Foods, a new office building (8-10 stories high) and multiple restaurants as well. This also included several water fountains to which Chris ventured over to cool down. Chris said the water was "refreshing"... I know what this means thanks to our many Jamaican excursions and I said "No thanks!". I am not a huge fan of being wet without being in the pool or ocean/lake. Later in the excursion I wished I would have gotten cooled off as it began to get REALLY HOT AND MUGGY!

Chris headed towards the fountains to cool off! 

After this portion we then headed back to North Shore Park area where Chris and I raced back to the bridge of Lake Woodlands Drive. I won this race because I truly am a natural at kayaking. Chris says it is because he did not have good grips on this paddle style but we all know it is because I am just better! (We are not competitive... NOT AT ALL! Love you honey!) After this we stayed in the center of the lake with the guide as she told us about the many houses and famous house owners on this side of the lake. The last 15-30 minutes of the tour were un-guided and we were given the choice of where we want to go. Chris and I chose to kayaking all around the center portion of the lake just looking at the many gorgeous and massive houses on the lake, one of which was owned by the man who invented the CHI straightening iron. This was a very neat looking house as it was more modern looking than the others and definitely had it's own STYLE so to speak. We kayaked very close to it and even saw a poster of a woman using the chi from a window as well as a boat with CHI on the side.

Chilling out in the center of the lake admiring (and dreaming about) all of the GORGEOUS houses! Oh to be that RICH! 

The CHI house! I thought it was awesome.. Chris preferred some of the more traditional houses! 

We then ventured to the other side of the lake to take another look at Mitchell Island and house on the west side of the lake before being called back in by our guide. Then we went back down the canal to the Riva Row Boat House. This was a very casual return and fortunately we did not exert much effort on the return. Chris did a 6+ mile bike ride that morning and I finished another 5K (3.1 miles) on my treadmill so that combined with 1.5 hours of kayaking... we were sore. With only about 1/4 mile or less to go to the boat house it began to rain and then downpour. We were already wet from the kayaking, not to mention sweaty, so I just kept rowing back to the boat house.

This was AWESOME and we both agree we will be back later this summer. We have even thought about bringing the kids as well. I think Natalie, especially, would like it. I developed a blister so next time I will remember to bring gloves and sunscreen (Poor Chris's legs and face took a pretty bad beating).

Thank you so much for my parents for giving Chris this Adventure and for my in-laws for taking care of the kids while we were out playing!

God is good... ALL the time! 

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