Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kindergarten... The FINAL Update

June 2015
177 Days Older and WISER

Just 177 days ago Natalie was a brand new 5 year old and walking through the CC Hardy doors for the first time as a quiet, reserved and shy new kindergarten student. She loved school in her pre-school years but she was so shy and wasn't sure about this new school and experience. She started the year off with a substitute as Mrs. Crenshaw, her regular teacher, was out on maternity leave with a new baby. I was worried about this 6 week stretch where her routine would not be set or normal, especially since Natalie is a ROUTINE BABY and has always needed a firm and constant routine but she did fine these 6 weeks and then continued to flourish.

Meet the Teacher Night... She was so shy and TINY! 

During the fall semester she learned to count and add and more importantly READ. In fact, she was the very 1st one in her class to get to a reading level "4", which is the level one must reach by the end of Kindergarten. She reached this level by December and just kept on going.

Fall Kindergarten Picture! 

Super-HERO Day at School... Nattie, you are MY Super-HERO!
I love you and am so proud of you! 

Merry Christmas... She is already growing so much! Look at that sass! 

 By April and May she was reading 1st and even 2nd grade books and taking Accelerated Reader program tests and quizzes and getting "AR" points for her work. We had a routine each morning before class began; we would read 1-2 books and then take 1-2 tests before she went down to Mrs. Crenshaw's class. I remember times where she would show her little sassy-ness and attitude and say "Mom, why do I need to take ANOTHER test?" but at the end of the year when she was the #1 reader in Kindergarten and only 1st graders had higher points than her she was glad and appreciative that I made her take those quizzes.

She won a RED RIBBON for her Bull's Eye drawing for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Show in Willis! She was so proud! 

100th day of school... She is excited! 

Literacy Night... This is where the AR points and quizzes began!
It took time and effort but it sure did pay off! 

Nattie with "The Cat in the Hat"... IE, Tammy Schneider or "Coach"!
She is Natalie's FAVORITE teacher! 

Time for some LORAX! 

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Houston Aquarium!
Even GiGi Shirley got to come! 

THE HIGHEST READER in Kindergarten and #4 out of 1st graders!
She is on the right path!

On June 2, 2015 Natalie Grace walked across our small stage to get her Kindergarten diploma from Mrs. Crenshaw while receiving multiple awards including the Principal's Award, Outstanding Conduct, Award, AR Reading Award, Reading Award, RODEO Art Award, and Math Award. I knew she was amazing but this LIST of awards just proved that to me and the rest of the school. Of course, she could not have done this without the help and support of her AMAZING teacher Jane Crenshaw. Mrs. Crenshaw has the heart of GOLD and the patience of Job! I was constantly impressed with her teaching ability and love for not only my child but her entire class. Thank you Mrs. Crenshaw for an AWESOME year! You are a FANTASTIC teacher!

Natalie HERO... Jane Crenshaw!

Natalie got an American Girl doll for graduation and rightfully named her JANE!

My Kindergarten GRADUATE!

This summer Natalie is going to continue to read and increase her reading level. She tested out on a level 10, which is a mid-1st grade level, but Chris and I hope for her to be on at least a level 16, which is beginner 2nd grade level when she walks through those doors in August! This would put her a FULL grade level ahead, which is enough... for now! Daddy is working with her on math and I am working with her on writing EACH AND EVERY DAY! We have something going here with her and we, as the parents, are going to put in the time and effort to help her soar even more!

I love you Natalie Grace and I am so very, very proud of you! I cannot wait to see you grow and learn even more in 2015-2016! Congratulations Nattie... You did it! You are a FIRST GRADER! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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