Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Little Tinker Bell

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween Natalie was "Tinker Bell". She loved being able to dress up in princess clothes and she especially liked her tiera (Well at least for the 1st hour or so... after that she kept taking it off). We dressed up and went out into our neighborhood and went from door to door "trick-or-treat"ing. Natalie did not really understand this concept and insisted that we go up to the door and ask for the candy. She really got that sassy "No, mommy... YOU do it" attitude and it was cute. Once more and more kids started to go up to the doors, she realized what she was supposed to do and got better at it but I could not help but laugh at how she would make us hold the bucket of candy and then tell us to go up to the door.

At alot of the houses, she would go up and say "Please" and then "Thank You" but she NEVER really said trick or treat. I would keep asking her "What do you give the dogs when they come in?" Trying to get her to say "Treat" and she would never do it. As a parent it just felt a little awkward and weird. Some of the people would ask her to reach in a get her favorite and she would always get the "nasty" candy or the DUM DUM suckers! I was thinking "Natalie... really honey, please pick the better kind". I guess that just goes to show that it really is about the kids and not the candy the adult can eat afterwards.

When we got home she wanted to sit outside with Gigi and pass out the candy. She was eating a sucker and she would yell "Kids" and try to get them to come and get candy from her. She would grab a handful of candy and throw it in their bag. At one point, she did not have any candy so she took the sucker out of her mouth and threw it in a kids bag. The poor kid didn't notice and I was proud of Natalie sharing so I just laughed and went on. As the darkness came in her and her pal Drew decided it was time to go in and take a bath so the night was over! I know she had fun!

Overall, I think we will try Fall Festival next year. It seemed as if the one at our church was geared a little more towards the older children and not to the toddlers so that is why we tried staying at home. Either way, we had a fun day!

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