Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Career Crisis... Great is thy Faithfulness

June 17, 2103
God will ALWAYS provide

Today, after 2 long weeks of interviews and phone calls (within the same district) and nearly 3 months of job searching and interviewing in general, I was offered and accepted a teaching position within one of the most prestigious and sought- after districts in the North Houston Metro... Willis ISD.

The very last day of school at Spring, June 3, I received a call for an Middle School Band Job interview the next day and that went VERY well. So well, in fact, that I went on vacation that week thinking that Band Job was in my back pocket. The following week, June 11, I had a 2nd interview for that job and it was there that I realized that as much as I longed for a band job, the reality was my family may not be ready for this type of FULL-TIME job!

Elementary Music is a very limited "outside of the work day" type of gig and most people who know me and anything about band, know that teaching BAND is NOT so easy. Band jobs require nearly as many hours OUTSIDE of the school day as are in the ACTUAL school day. In the midst of this career crisis, I got a phone call from an elementary in Willis ISD. In fact, this particular school had not even posted the music position on the main HR website yet and they had already scheduled me an interview. I went to this interview on June 13 and it went VERY well too. Going into the summer months, my goal was to get a band job but since realizing that may not be in God's plan, my 2nd choice was to teach elementary music in this AMAZING district.

As I sat at home pondering and praying about my career options and choices I kept feeling torn between what I wanted and what I felt God was telling me HE wanted. I had not been offered ANY job yet but was told by the Head Band Director of the district that they would be making a decision soon regarding a candidate which led me to believe I was the #1 choice. I kept thinking "I really don't want to have to TURN DOWN my dream job but... I don't think it is the best for my family RIGHT NOW!" I would cry myself to sleep each night just thinking about it. This was seriously, exactly what I was looking for in a Band Job and as I mentioned before IN AN AMAZING DISTRICT! I prayed and prayed and CRIED AND CRIED about it but still felt God telling me that the band job was NOT "the one" for me. Finally, the Head Band Director called me to tell me they had hired someone who had been teaching 34+ years and I was not going to get that band job. As much relief as I felt to NOT HAVE TO TURN DOWN MY DREAM JOB, I still felt awful in knowing I didn't get the job and I was not the #1 choice. The Band Director told me that "Our paths will cross, again... TRUST ME". Little did I know at that time that he had talked to this Elementary Principal about me and knew I was getting the Elementary Music teaching position.

The following morning, the Elementary principal called and offered me the Elementary Music Teaching Position. I prayed about it overnight and called the following morning and accepted the job.

While this was not my 1st choice this particular year (or at least I didn't THINK SO)... It was GOD'S 1st Choice and while I still may feel a little defeated for not getting that or any BAND JOB, I know that there is a reason why I didn't get the job or any band job for that matter. I have always prayed and it is a life philosophy of mine that GOD IS IN CONTROL and ALL things work together for GOOD for those who are called according to his purpose!

I feel really good about this year and I cannot wait to start this new adventure. I have already begun creating lessons and curriculum's to help these kiddos and I know God has put me in this particular school and teaching position for a reason and I cannot wait to Glorify HIM through my daily job!

Thank You, Lord for your continued blessings and let me be a witness and example to these kids!

Even through a Career Crisis,  GOD IS GOOD... ALL THE TIME!

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