Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Growing Boy: Month 12

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is hard to believe that this time last year I was waiting to be rolled into surgery to have Baby Luke, via C-Section! I was glowing with excitement to meet the boy I had waited for my entire adult life. I remember telling Chris right before they cut me open that no matter what, I was grateful to God for Chris and this baby! About 3 minutes later, Baby Luke graced this world with his presence and my life was forever changed!

At this point, Luke is a BOY and eating too much like his daddy! He is no longer eating ANY TYPE of baby food and rarely eats items of food that we are not eating. He LOVES hot dogs and sandwich meats as well as lots of veggies and fruits. We have found that he is NOT a fan of fresh apples or bananas but LOVES most citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. He likes to try to eat the peel and all! He usually only eats scrambled eggs for breakfast or just dry cereal. We have not been able to get him to eat much of anything else for breakfast. Lunch and dinners are hot dogs or meats preceded by veggies. We have learned that if we feed him the meat first, he will not eat the greens (He is ALL boy!)

My little "Sleep Angel" is sleeping really well and taking 1-2 naps per day that last anywhere from 1 to 3.5 hours. He sleeps from around 8pm to 7-8 am each evening and is easily put down. Unlike Natalie, he does not mind being put into his crib without being rocked completely to sleep. In fact, I have found in these 1st summer weeks that depending on how tired he is, he actually LIKES to be put in his crib to fall asleep on his own!

Again, Mr. Luke is ALL BOY... ALL THE TIME! He likes to play with the trucks and cars that Natalie has and also likes to play fetch with the play-balls we have! He also likes to running around and messing up pretty much everything around the house. He likes to "re-arrange" almost everything in my house! "Silly Luke"- As Natalie puts it! But WE LOVE HIM!

Today is Mr. Luke's first birthday and he is no longer a baby but a TODDLER! He has managed to roll-over, crawl, pull-up and even walk all before today and now even more than ever, I look into his eyes and see the little BOY I have wanted all my life. He is the most perfect little angel and I am FOREVER grateful for this gift God has blessed me with and I am so grateful he chose ME to be his mommy!
I love you Baby Luke!

Especially the past 365 days...


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