Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pure Joy

June 2013
Swing-set Fun
This month I received a small portion of my great-uncle's inheritance and wondered what to do with the monetary gift. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would use this money for my kids. Uncle OD was always so family oriented and although he never was able to meet Luke, he was able to meet Natalie and loved getting to see her! With this inheritance money, Chris and I purchased a new wooden swing-set for our kiddos.
I started shopping around towards the end of the school year and then Chris and I went and looked at some swing-sets that were already put together to see how it would look and fit in our backyard. After doing some major shopping and debating, we decided to go with a small swing-set from Toys-R-Us. This set had 3 slots for swing and 1 slot includes a glider swing. It also has an 8' Slide, a rock climbing wall, picnic bench and even a chalkboard landing.
Luke LOVES his swing and I am wondering where the "Automated" button is

After only 3 weeks of having this in our backyard, Mr. Luke has watched Natalie climb up the slide enough times to figure out how to do it himself!
Monkey see... MONKEY DO! It is too funny!

Luke looking out from the Landing!
It is the perfect little addition to our backyard and I know our kids will LOVE it! More importantly, I know Uncle OD would have loved knowing how he contributed to my family's happiness.

I love and miss you Uncle OD!
God is good... ALL the time!

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