Friday, July 26, 2013

Pink is no longer my favorite color

3:30AM July 26, 2013

We are supposed to leave for our long awaited cruise in just 6 hours and my heart can not stop racing. In fact, my mind can't either. We are headed to Baton Rouge this evening and then on to New Orleans on Saturday night before we board the ship on Sunday. 

This week as been hectic with errands, cleaning and the typical last minute preparations for a vacation. But on Wednesday evening at dinner Chris noticed I had something in the inner corner of my eye! Naturally it was gross and I got it out and moved on. Approximately 3-4 more times on Wednesday evening during choir rehearsal I noticed the same discharge coming from my left eye. I didn't really think about since I had gotten new contacts just over a week ago and I figured it had something to do with them.  When I woke up on Thursday morning I noticed more "sleep" (or "eye crusties" as I used to call them) than normal but again, I had OTHER STUFF ON MY MIND!

 Thursday went on as planned and scheduled and the day of CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN commenced. Chris, my two little helpers and I were able to clean our entire 3200 SQFT home including shampooing the carpets by shortly after noon and then we were off to eat, get Chris some new shoes and then I was going to get a pedicure. 

All of this went off without a hitch and I felt fine and normal. I did notice while sitting in the pedicure chair some more discharge but no pain or itching of my eye. 

Last minute packing and double checking ended and the kids were in bed and Chris and I were preparing to go to sleep and we began to talk.  I told him I was having a headache. He questions me and after a few moments he says "yeah, I think you have pink eye"! 

Naturally, at this point I am freaking out and crying. We call my mom then his mom to help us figure out what to do. We even FaceTime with Jackie to help us get a better prognosis. 

The verdict is I more than likely have pink eye and since that is HIGHLY contagious I am sure not only does Chris have it too but my poor babies of whom I am about to drop off with grandparents have it as well. 

Chris helped me change the sheets and clean up some stuff before I went to sleep in the couch to help lessen  chances of him getting pink eye a little, but I'm sure the damage is done. 

I am going to go to a family clinic that my father in law uses that allows walk-ins tomorrow morning at 8 and not only hope for good news in the fact that this is just allergies and not contagious but in worst case scenario I get heavy duty prescription for this and even a double dose in case Chris gets sick. 

I have never had Pink Eye so I didn't know what to expect... But let me tell you I NO LONGER LIKE PINK! 

Lord, I pray to your Holy, Powerful, Healing name that You will allow me to heal and be 100% by Sunday boarding as well as watch over Chris and the kids to prevent them from catching it. You are the MIRACLE WORKER and I am praying for something along those lines. 

As I sit here and continue to not be able to sleep with excitement and disappointment, I just can't help but think of one of my favorites: God is in Control! 

God is in control 
He believes that His children will not be forsaken 
God is in control 
We will choose to remember and NEVER BE SHAKEN 
There is NO power ABOVE or BESIDE Him, we know
God is in control

Strong and mighty words... I covet your prayers!! 

God is good... (I must remember this next part especially right now) ALL THE TIME!! 

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