Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Are You Kidding Me"?

Friday, June 26, 2013
Conroe, TX 

After a night of practically 2 hours (or less) of sleep, Chris and I woke up and headed to a Walk-in Family Clinic to check out my eyes and hopefully try to prevent him from getting whatever it was that I had. 

We arrived at the clinic at 7:50 only to find 1 doctor and a pair of nurses waiting outside the clinic for an additional nurse to arrive with the key to get in. There was a woman and her husband who were also waiting and they had an actual appointment time of 8am. After anxiously (and probably rudely) speaking to the front desk clerk about wait times, we were brought back into the room after a 45 minute wait. 

The nurse practitioner examined my eyes and explained that this was more than likely an allergic Pink Eye condition brought on by allergies (which I didn't really know I had) and that while it is contagious, it is NOT AS contagious as Chris and I originally figured. She gave us 2 small sample bottles of the antibiotic eye drops for Chris to use but it would not be enough to treat my actual Pink Eye condition. She explained "cautiously speaking, you have a MILD case of Pink Eye and it should clear up in a few days". She told us that there are only 3 brands of antibiotic eye drops so the cost of filling this prescription would be higher than usual but she gave us a coupon. 

We arrived at the Walmart pharmacy when they opened and turned our prescription to find out there would be an hour wait time. We opted to go back home and load the car and then return to Walmart on our way out of town. At 11am, 2 hours AFTER we dropped off the prescription, we arrived to pick up these eye drops. It was here that we found out it was not ready... I almost immediately went into frustrated mode. I explained that the pharmacist didn't even need to fill this prescription but rather go and get the drops from the shelves. Fortunately the pharmacist filled the prescription right then but I apologized for speaking in frustration to him afterwards though. 

As I go to pay for this the clerk says "that will be $231.80"... I have to admit, I think I had a little heart attack at that moment. Sure enough, it was $231.80 WITH the coupon. And this was for a 5 ML bottle! Unfortunately, we were caught between a rock and a hard place since we were boarding a ship to the middle of no where in 2 days. I went ahead and paid for the drops and swallowed the money. 

By the Grace of God, I can already see an improvement. My left eye seems to be white as snow and my right eye is just slightly pink at this point. I am, however, having minor symptoms of a called (as expected from new medicine) and cannot seem to smell or taste anything at this point though. Of course that is NOT A GOOD THING when about to embark on a cruise so i would appreciate ANY and ALL prayers for that to clear up ASAP!!! 

I am going to use these drops until the eyes clear up, as prescribed by the doctor but then I am going to keep them in case ANYONE ever gets pink eye again! Wow... I just can't believe how expensive they were. I better have the most beautiful looking and feeling eyes EVER after its all said and done!!! 

It is amazing how God chooses to work through and in us! I stayed up practically the whole night last night in worry and anxiousness only to found out that God had his hand over me THE ENTIRE TIME!! 

Thank You, God for watching over me and keeping me healthy! You are the GREAT PHYSICIAN and I have felt Your mighty healing today! Please continue to keep both Chris and I healthy as we embark and set sail on this vacation! Thank You! 

God is good (and watches over us)... ALL the time!!! 

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