Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amazing Deals and Steals at "Just Between Friends" The Woodlands

When I was pregnant with Natalie Grace, a great friend of mine from Grove in Shawnee told me about these "Kids and Baby Consignment Sales". Jamie Bergsten was a third grade teacher at the time and had a 1 year old girl born around the same time as Natalie in August the year before. She told me about this really awesome lady and family that hosted a sale in Shawnee twice a year where moms from all over come and basically exchange the clothes their kids have outgrown for new ones. I had no idea what is was so in March of 2009, I went to the sale called "Monkey Business" hosted at the Shawnee Fair Grounds. At the time, I did not know what I was having so I did not really buy much but my grandmother was in town so we went and made a morning out of looking at all the great stuff. We saw designer dresses and clothes of all kinds at a fraction of the cost in a department store. I ended up buying a few small toys and accessories but again since I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl, I didn't spend a whole lot.

Well that was in March of 2009!! In September of 2009 at the other Semi-Annual "Monkey Business" sale, I had already had Natalie Grace and was ready to get me some bargains. I did not consign or sell any of my items just yet because Natalie was only 2 weeks old at the time. But I did get her some awesome dresses and designer Polo Jeans for a 3 month old for about $10 total. It was amazing. I was hooked.

The following Spring I decided to consign some of the items she outgrew really fast as well as the items I purchased at the previous 2 consignment sales. I sold these and was able to get 70% of my earnings back in a check. I ended up making about $45 this first sale and I felt pretty good about my earnings. I spent a little over $50 so I basically got Natalie a bunch of new clothes in her size and season for about $5! I felt great.

For the following 2 years I consigned Natalie stuff with "Monkey Business" and "Sugar and Spice" sales in Shawnee. I usually would trade in some of her clothes she outgrew plus anything else I thought worthy of re-selling and then bought her clothes that were of that season and her size. Most of the time I would basically spend what I made plus about $20-40! This made for a pretty cheap way to clothe your growing infant and toddler.

Now that I live in Houston, I am not able to consign with the "Ma and Pa" type of small town consignment sales but with the Nation Wide Leader of Children's Consignment... "Just Between Friends". I started consigning with them in The Woodlands in September of last year and I had basically raised the prices of all my stuff by $1-2 mainly because I was selling to THE WOODLANDS. I did not make but $21 last time and I was very frustrated. I spoke to the "JBF: The Woodlands" owner back in January and she gave me some tips and this time I made $115 and only spent $130! PLUS... this time I was purchasing for 2 children!

This was the first time I was able to purchase clothes for both girls and boys! Although I did NOT do very well for Natalie this time, I did get to see all of the cute boys clothes out there and got several adorable boy clothes with designer labels for Luke at 75-90% off! I was so thrilled with some of my purchases... I wanted to brag about them and post them!

I got both of these outfits for $6 TOTAL! They are so cute! 

Another adorable outfit (I am thinking Christmas Pictures) for only $6!

This one seemed so cute and simple and it was only $2 on 1/2 price day! SCORE!

Although this outfit is 24 months... I could not resist an entire St. Louis Cardinals outfit (including the hat) for $5! Poppi will LOVE this!

This cute little outfit was only $1.50 on 1/2 prcie day!

These 2 onesies combine were only $1! I got them for $.50 each! "Mr. Amazing" and "If you think I'm handsome you should see my daddy". I love them!

I personally am not a fan of these two BUT I figure for $2 I could humor my Sister-In-Law and the rest of my In-laws and get him a Texas Tech Red Raider outfit! They are Nike too!


 A Ralph Lauren Sports coat and Matching Onesie! This little guy WILL BE well dressed!

Overall, I think I did pretty well with this season's consignment and I am looking forward to seeing all these adorable outfits on my little guy! Just 3+ short months! IT IS GETTING CLOSER!




  1. LOVE the Cardinals outfit - so perfect! I might be just a smidge jealous ;)

  2. Haha isn't it adorable!!! Sorry about that:)

  3. Haha isn't it adorable!!! Sorry about that ;)