Monday, March 12, 2012

An Anniversary for the Memory Books

Monday, March 12, 2012
6 Year Anniversary Gifts

Yesterday marked mine and Chris's six year anniversary and this year seemed to be a very special year and anniversary for us. This time last year we were in seperate cities trying to fulfil our dream and quest of moving to the Houston metro area. Chris and Natalie were in Conroe with his parents as Chris was searching for jobs and interviewing. I was back in Shawnee working and hanging out with friends. We had been living on 1 salary for 18 months and was literally living "paycheck to paycheck" and even borrowing from family to get by. There were not many gifts being handed out and a dinner out included lunch at Cracker Barrell.  A year has passed and here we sit in Conroe, TX with 2 teaching jobs and rather large salaries, new friends and a BABY BOY to be joining our family in 3 months (From today)!
God's love is truly amazing! He NEVER ceases to amaze me by His faithfulness!

Yesterday Chris and I were able to go to church and spend time with our SS family and friends, spend time with Chris's parents and even spend a wonderful lunch and afternoon together. We ate lunch at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY in The Woodlands and then spent some wonderful time together at the mall (This may be surprising to some people who know Chris but... he has found a store a really likes and a store that he will go into the mall for! It took six years but, I got him there!) shopping at each other's facvorite stores.

We started off at his favorite store called TEAVANA. This is a store that is based around various kinds of loose leaf tea. They sell over 60+ different kinds of loose leaf teas as well as teapots, tea sets, tea pitchers and other tea necessities. It is the "FRAISER CRANE" store for teas! Chris found this store about 3 months ago when he went to the mall for a Christmas gift. Ever since then he has been in and out of that store several times. For Valentine's Day I got him several kinds of tea and a tea thermos to take to school. For our anniversary I decided to go ahead and splurge on a cast iron teapot that he really wanted. I am not a tea fanatic but this tea pot sifts and brews the tea leaves and keeps the tea warm between various servings and cups of tea. This was an expensive little 8 oz teapot totaling in at $80 but it was worth it to be able to satisfy his tea desires.

We then went to one of my favorite stores... BRIGHTON. I have loved this store ever since 2009 when Chris and Natlaie got me a necklace from there that said "Mom" on it. I wear the necklace and matching earrings all the time and I get numerous compliments. It is simple and elegant at the same time! I didnt really need anything this year but I went into Brighton thinking I was going to get a Cross necklace I had seen in a catalog. Instead Chris saw a display about their charm bracelets and he started using their touch screen to create a bracelet. Before I knew it we were creating MY charm bracelet. I have seen these and watned these for a while but I never mentioned anything to Chris nor took the initiative to get any information about them. About 30 minutes later I ended up with a beautiful heart bracelet with 5 different charms. Each charm symbolizing who I am as a person. Chris chose most of these on his own and I was very impressed (He has ALWAYS been a great jewelry buyer)

Treble Clef
"I Love You" (To symbol our 6 years together)
Baby Girl
Baby Boy

The bracelet is gorgeous and I am very grateful to Chris for discovering this woman "must-have" and even helping me create this. It is beautiful honey! Thank you very much!  

We finished our trip to the mall with a stop at GREAT AMERICAN COOKIE COMPANY where we picked up the cake I ordered for Chris and I. We both really LOVE cookie cakes and it is pretty much a staple for celebrations in our family. I didnt want to write the ordinary and boring "Happy Anniversary Honey" so I decided to come up with my own saying: "Here's to 6 more years". Almost immediately after looking at the cake, Chris said "Just six more?" Clearly I meant MANY more but I should have humored his math brain and wrote "SIX SQUARED or SIX CUBED more years"! Either way, I cannot wait for many more years to come!

This anniversary was a special one (as they ALL are) to both of us and I will never forget it! We only have 3 short months until another male will enter this family and we both cannot wait. Yesterday we celebrated each other and soon we will celebrate the FOUR of us! I love you CHRIS DAVIS and I am so glad to be your wife!

Thank you Lord for Your continued blessings! God is GOOD... ALL THE TIME!

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