Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prenatal Visit #6

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
"Your an over-achiever"

Today I went in for my monthly routine prenatal check-up at 25 weeks. This particular check-up was pretty short and without any complications or extra lab/ blood work to be drawn so it went very quickly and smoothly.

We started off by checking my weight. I gained about 1.7+ pounds this month. I had been trying really hard to watch my diet and caloric intake this month but as usual, there were times where I splurged! Overall I have gained about 17 pounds in this 6 months. This is so depressing to me since I spent the previous 10 months losing 65 pounds and suffering through the worst diet of my life. Now granted, I felt AMAZING after dropping those 65 pounds and this pregnancy should be MUCH HEALTHIER due to the weight loss but it is still unsettling watching the scale go up and knowing there is NOTHING you can do about it! I just know in 3 months I will have something to show for it... A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!

After that my nurse took me back to the exam room and took my blood pressure. This was 130/70 which is a little high for me. My numbers have always been right where they should be at 120/80. This didn't seem to put up any red flags for my nurse so all seemed fine. My nurse then took the Doppler and found Luke's heartbeat. This time around it was 161 beats per minute. The past several times she has found his heart rate it was in the 140s. If I did not have those very VIVID pictures reminding me he was a BOY... I might wonder if he was a girl. I went home immediately and double checked the previous TWO ultrasounds just to make sure he was still a HE! The nurse asked me about his movement before she found his heart rate and I told her HE WAS VERY ACTIVE. I told her about his 1-4 hour kicking spurts and his days/ nights being mixed up already. While she was trying to find his heartbeat, he kicked 3 or 4 times and 1 of those was visibly noticeable to the nurse. We both had a great laugh! I guess he DID NOT want to be bothered!

When Dr. Markos came in he examined any swelling I was having my lower legs or feet (NONE YET!!!) and then checked MY heart rate and then measured my belly to check what week I was measuring. I was 25 weeks and 1 day at the time and he measured me (TWICE) as 27 weeks. He told me "You are an over-achiever". The truth is... I am just going to have large babies. When I was carrying Natalie beginning around 25 weeks, I always measured a week to 3 weeks ahead (yet somehow I carried that child for 43 WEEKS! Odd huh?). He still will not change the official due date but I am going in again in 3 weeks for my 4-D Ultrasound and he said they will measure again and if the date changes it will be at that time.
Overall it was a great monthly check-up and doctor's appointment. I go back again in 3 weeks for my 28 weeks Sugar and Glucose test and a 4-D Ultrasound. I am really nervous about his because I was border line Gestational Diabetes with Natalie and I have been thirsty a lot lately. I am going to try my hardest to REALLY WATCH what I eat these 3 weeks in preparation for the sugar test. I covet your prayers in this area.
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